About Another World Today

Welcome to Another World Today, the only viewer directed sequel to the Emmy Award winning Daytime Drama.

Another World premiered in 1964 and aired on NBC for 35 years before going off the air in 1999.

Ever since then, fans have wondered what became of their favorite characters. Another World Today not only gives you the chance to learn what they’ve been up to, but to also actually help guide the hand of fate in the lives of Bay City's beloved characters.


Q: Why did you choose to feature character X in Another World Today, instead of my favorite, Character Y?

A: Another World was on the air from 1964 to 1999 and brought to life literally hundreds of classic characters. Obviously all of them could not have been accommodated in Another World Today.

Q: Why are some characters who were together on the final episode of Another World not together now?

A: Carl and Rachel, who were the last couple seen on screen at Another World's conclusion, are still married. For storyline purposes, though, some of the less entrenched couples, like Felicia and Sergei and Amanda and Cameron, were split up. Considering how many failed relationships both women have in their pasts, it seemed conceivable that their latest ones didn't work out, either.

Q: Allie was a teenager in 1999 and she's only in her early 20s now. What gives?

A: Character ages are a very tricky thing in daytime. For instance, Amanda was born in 1978 and gave birth to Allie only ten years later! If everyone kept growing at this rate, we would run through the cast too quickly. As a result, all of the children under twenty-five who were born on-screen, are the ages they should be now, rather than the ages they would have been if we took SORASing into consideration.

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