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When his ex-wife and daughter's plane goes down in a storm, Major Paul Gaasbeck is forced to break every US Air Force rule and betray his own honor code in his attempt to rescue them.

As both battle the elements in a desperate struggle for survival, Paul and Anne can't help remembering all of the reasons why they couldn't stay together - or apart.

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Looking for a story that, as they said at the 2012 Daytime Emmy Awards, "lasts forever?" Then check out...

A wealthy family hiding a closet-full of skeletons, an independent woman caught between following her heart and her head, a vengeful wife determined to win at all costs, a playboy haunted by demons of the past, and an idealist about to be handed a painful lesson in reality...

Who are these people? What do they want? Who'll get to live happily ever after and who will pay for their crimes? That's up to you!

Inspired by Another World Today, Counterpoint: An Interactive Family Saga (Volume One) is the first serial of its kind, where you get to determine what happens next in our story! New York Times best-selling author Alina Adams begins the tale, but you will guide its progress book by book!

Counterpoint: An Interactive Family Saga (Volume One) where what happens next is up to you! Click the link below and become a part of the new wave in story-telling! (Could this be the future of soap operas, as well?)

(If you can't see the image and link above, please click refresh, it's a glitch some servers have....)

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Soap Opera 451: A Time Capsule of Daytime Drama's Greatest Moments features your favorite scenes along with backstage stories from the actors, writers and producers who made them happen!

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The Figure Skating Mystery Series (5 Books in 1) combines all five titles in one volume! Only $9.99 at Amazon or B&N. Buy it today!

It's a soap opera... on ice! Book One of The Figure Skating Murder Mystery series! Who killed the judge that awarded the Gold to Russia's Ice Queen over America's Sweetheart? Researcher Bex Levy is on the case!

Book #2: The story continues as Bex goes on a hunt for a pair of skaters who seemingly disappeared without a trace. Her search leads Bex into a storm of soapy secrets, a kidnapping - and murder!

Book #3: A Soviet skating champion, back on Russian soil for the first time since his defection years earlier, is murdered, and it's up to Bex to find out who - and why!

Book #4: An abandoned baby, a strangled mother, a multitude of Daddy candidates - and murder suspects!

NEW!!!!! Book #5: Who killed the world famous coach on the eve of his televised tribute? There's love in the air... and death on the ice!

Named one of Top 1000 romance novels of all time! Can men and women ever truly be just friends? Can they do it when one of them is married? Find out in the enhanced multimedia edition of When a Man Loves a Woman:

Got kids? Love music? Hungry? (Any one of the above will do!) Ever wish your children's fiction had songs included as part of the story? How about roller-skating apple pies? Fortunately, The Worldwide Dessert Contest" by author and composer Dan Elish has them all! Buy Alina Adams Media latest release today!


Hell to the yes! Carolyn Hinsey's book addressing that question is finally out, and there is no better way to send that message to TPTB than to pick up your very own copy.

Just click on the link below!:


It's $94.99 in hardcover, $44.73 in paperback (when you can find a copy, that is), but, finally Harding Lemay's classic memoir about writing soaps in general, and AW in particular, Eight Years in Another World, is available on the Kindle, and for only $9.99! Get your copy by clicking the link below. It's a must read for any Bay City fan!


Seth MacFarlane's animated sitcom, Family Guy, was canceled in 2002, only to return to the air in 2005 after DVD sales of the series went through the roof.

The same thing happened to Futurama; canceled in 2003 and revived (on a different network) in 2008, due to strong DVD sales.

In other words, no matter how many passionate, articulate letters fans write in support of their favorite shows, the only thing that matters to TPTB is money. Are people willing to spend money on our product? If they are, let's give them more. If they aren't...

On January 1, 2011, Pocket Books released a new paperback edition of the As The World Turns tie-in novel, The Man From Oakdale (see details, below).

If enough ATWT fans (and GL fans, and AW fans - any soap fans, really, who want to demonstrate their buying power) buy copies of the book, it could well serve to get the attention of the networks in the same way that positive DVD sales of Family Guy and Futurama did.

Please take a look, and help spread the word.

(Full disclosure: As the author of The Man From Oakdale, I stand to potentially make some money from the book's sales. I wanted to be honest and up-front about that, like I am about pretty much everything with you all. But, the fact is, other shows HAVE been brought back from the dead when fans proved willing to put their money where their passions are. Why shouldn't it happen for the soaps, too?)