EPISODE #2014-287

Dec 29, 2014    

At the sound of the buzzer, Matt reached for the doorknob. It was Donna who grabbed his wrist, stopping him.

He turned to her in confusion....

EPISODE #2014-286

Dec 22, 2014    


“Sorry we’re late....

EPISODE #2014-285

Dec 15, 2014    

“Charlie!” Rachel exclaimed, flustered regarding how exactly she should be reacting to the girl who was dating her daughter – but pregnant by her son. Miss Manners hadn’t exactly covered the situation.

“May I come in....

EPISODE #2014-284

Dec 8, 2014    

“Iris?” Rachel repeated. “Iris was behind Dennis and Daisy’s kidnapping?”

“Iris and....

EPISODE #2014-283

Dec 1, 2014    

“Mom, Charlie is pregnant,” Elizabeth announced to Rachel – and everyone else around Cass and Frankie’s Thanksgiving table. “And Cory is the father.”

For a moment....

EPISODE #2014-282

Nov 24, 2014    

Olivia opened her mouth to explain. Iris opened her mouth to deny. But it was too little to late. For both of them.

Dennis merely glared....

EPISODE #2014-281

Nov 17, 2014    

“You lied to your mother for me,” Lorna stood facing Jamie after Rachel had left. She took both his hands in hers and kissed first the back of one palm, then the other. “Why did you tell her you knew what Carl had written me, and that I’d gone to see him before he died?”


EPISODE #2014-280

Nov 10, 2014    

“Do you think it’s true?” Matt kept his voice neutral and supportive as, in the aftermath of Carl’s will reading, he and Donna sat in the car, Carl’s letter in her lap all but glowing and vibrating with his claim that Michael was still alive.

Donna shook her head wordlessly from side to side, finally managing to summon up the obvious, “It’s Carl....

EPISODE #2014-279

Nov 3, 2014    

Once all of the invited guests had been assembled and accounted for, Carl’s attorney – the one in charge of his personal dealings, not his criminal defense, and thus not nearly as well-known – began to read.

“I, Carl Hutchins, being of sound mind and body.....

EPISODE #2014-278

Oct 27, 2014    

“Alice called you? I should have known.” Rachel snorted at the sight of Jamie showing up in front of the morgue, where his mother had taken up seemingly permanent residence in her attempt to keep Carl’s body from being autopsied.

“She was worried.....

EPISODE #2014-277

Oct 20, 2014    

Dennis waited for Marley to finish her shower.

Eventually, she came out of the bathroom.....

EPISODE #2014-276

Oct 13, 2014    

At the sound of Rachel’s scream, Jamie dropped the jacket he’d been in the process of putting on and rushed to her side.

His mother was standing.....

EPISODE #2014-275

Oct 6, 2014    

“Marley!” Dennis all but dropped Olivia into the sand as he leapt to his feet and went running across the beach. “Oh, my God, Marley!”

He swept her up in his arms.....

EPISODE #2014-274

Sept 29, 2014    

“I have something important to tell you,” Carl strained to make Rachel feel his sincerity despite the prison issue glass partition between them. “It may sound odd at first, but, I beg of you, please hear me out. This is something I feel I must do, and it concerns you, most of all.”

Rachel braced herself.....

EPISODE #2014-273

Sept 22, 2014    

“Grant?” Morgan did a double-take. First, to confirm that the presumed dead man was, in fact alive. Again. And second as understanding dawned about what exactly Lila was implying. “You and Grant are....

EPISODE #2014-272

Sept 15, 2014    

“Is it true?” Marley demanded of Sarah and Kirkland. “Is Daisy back home? Is Dennis with her?” But before either had the chance to answer, her eyes drifted to settle on… “Grant?” Marley sputtered. “Oh, Jesus Christ, again?”


EPISODE #2014-271

Sept 8, 2014    

As expected, it was Grant at the door. Kirkland let him in and stood aside as his father made a beeline for Sarah.

Grant smiled weakly....

EPISODE #2014-270

Sept 1, 2014    

“Rachel!” Iris trilled, all but stepping between her stepmother and her husband, wrenching Rachel’s hands out of Russ’ and into hers. “Out and about already, are we? What a miracle! Especially considering your advanced age.”

Rachel couldn’t help it. She smiled....

EPISODE #2014-269

Aug 25, 2014    

“Daddy!” Daisy was the first to get over the shock of seeing Grant, alive, seemingly well, and standing in front of the motel room he’d been hiding out in for months. Possibly because she’d never bought that whole “Daddy is gone forever” story Mommy had tried to feed her earlier.


EPISODE #2014-268

Aug 18, 2014    

“Are you in love with Sarah?” Jasmine asked Kirkland as they sat in the front seat of his car in the Cory driveway.

Kirkland opened his mouth....

EPISODE #2014-267

Aug 11, 2014    

“We just wanted to stop by and check how you were,” Jasmine sheepishly told Sarah as she and Kirkland followed Daisy’s mother inside her house. Sarah looked as if she didn’t exactly have the energy for company. But also as if she didn’t have the strength to send them away, either.

“I haven’t heard anything....

EPISODE #2014-266

Aug 4, 2014    

“I know you, Rachel. The only reason you were able to survive the lean years without Jamie adoring you unconditionally – the ones where he dared live his own life with a woman he loved; whether or not you approved – was because you’d trained Carl to fill the same role. But now both are gone. And you’ve got a vacancy to fill. Well,” Donna leaned over to make sure Rachel heard every word. “Not with my husband.”

Her mother-in-law declined to so much as flinch at the accusation. Instead, she asked politely....

EPISODE #2014-265

July 28, 2014    

“What happened?” Lorna took one look at Jamie’s face as he walked through the front door, and understood it had to have been something monumental. “Is Rachel alright?”

He nodded slowly, moving from the door to....

EPISODE #2014-264

July 21, 2014    

“Tell me, Carl!” Rachel raged, snatching the container of medication off her hospital tray and tilting it towards the floor, centimeters away from sending the pills down in a colorful shower of waste. “Tell the truth, or....

EPISODE #2014-263

July 14, 2014    

“Take it easy, Mom,” Jamie warned Rachel after spending an hour just helping her get out of bed, maneuver towards the door of her hospital room and back again, taking plenty of breaks to catch her breath and get her strength back. He balanced Rachel with the elbow of one arm while pulling her IV pole along with his free hand. “You’ve been through major trauma. You can’t....

EPISODE #2014-262

July 7, 2014    

“Any news?” Kirkland anxiously asked Sarah as soon as she hung up the phone with the BCPD. They, along with Marley, had been waiting all night for an update about Dennis and Daisy’s disappearance.

Sarah shook her....

EPISODE #2014-261

June 30, 2014    

“You have got to be kidding me,” Matt sputtered, having received a text from Donna via KBAY-TV. He wordlessly turned his phone towards Jamie and Amanda so that they could read the headline for themselves

“Carl turned himself in....

EPISODE #2014-260

June 23, 2014    

“I have a confession to make,” Carl took a seat across from Toni Burrell’s desk at the police station and indicated that she might want to be taking notes, as he had no interest in repeating himself. “I murdered Chase Hamilton…”

Her expression didn’t flicker. “I’m listening....

EPISODE #2014-259

June 16, 2014    

“Douglas Rivera just lost his partner of twenty-something years,” Frankie reminded when Jamie stopped by her and Cass’ house to relay what Doug had accused them of. “He’s got to be in deep shock. How can you possible take anything he says seriously?”

“The man has nothing left to lose,” Jamie reasoned.


EPISODE #2014-258

June 9, 2014    

“What happened?” Jamie asked Alice after learning from Carl that Chase’s death less than an hour earlier had allowed Rachel to receive a liver transplant, after all. With his mother still in surgery, there wasn’t much Jamie could do for her. So he took advantage of the endless waiting time to pop into Alice’s office to see what else he could find out.

“I’m not certain....

EPISODE #2014-257

June 2, 2014    

Lorna stood in the doorway of Jamie’s study, listening to him make call after call to anyone he could think of who might help arrange for Rachel to get a donor liver before it was too late.

When it seemed like he’d either....

EPISODE #2014-256

May 26, 2014    

“Mom needs a liver transplant?” Amanda, with Matt following right behind appeared in the waiting room just as Morgan broke the news of Rachel’s condition to Jamie and Carl.

“Then what are you waiting for....

EPISODE #2014-255

May 19, 2014    

Alice’s pager went off in the middle of conducting rounds with the Bay City University Hospital medical students, directing Dr. Frame to hurry down to the Emergency Room, stat. A shooting at the park. Multiple victims.

She made it just in time for....

EPISODE #2014-254

May 12, 2014    

“It has been arranged,” Carl reassured Rachel, hanging up his phone. No, not his phone, Rachel noticed. This one appeared to be one she’d never seen before. And doubted she ever would again. “Chase Hamilton will no longer be a thorn in our sides, after today.”


EPISODE #2014-253

May 5, 2014    

“I’m eighteen years old,” Cory reminded Chase and Eduardo as Carl, Rachel and Jamie looked on in horror. “Nineteen, almost. I’ll be nineteen in June. You can’t have my father deciding my fate.  I have a right to make my own decisions.”

“Not when....

EPISODE #2014-252

April 28, 2014    

“Big day,” Doug observed between handing first Milagros, then Ike, their breakfasts as Chase entered the kitchen, reaching for coffee only and waving away the rest. As if he needed any reminders, Doug noted, “Carl Hutchins is turning himself in.”


EPISODE #2014-251

April 21, 2014    

Grant took a step forward, unable to stand seeing Sarah near collapse at the thought of his death.


EPISODE #2014-250

April 14, 2014    

“Fancy running into you, here,” Olivia drawled Dennis’ way, making sure to keep her voice down so they couldn’t be overheard.

“I’m here for....

EPISODE #2014-249

April 7, 2014    

“Finally made up your mind, have you, Mr. Hutchins?” Chase drawled, joining Toni in meeting Carl and Rachel at the main Bay City Police Station, upon the latter’s request.

“You hardly left me much choice in the matter....

EPISODE #2014-248

Mar 31, 2014    

Chase informed Carl, “I spoke with Eduardo prior to coming over here. I have been authorized by the Justice Department, to drop all charges against your son – in exchange for you, Mr. Hutchins, pleading guilty to every single one of your crimes, going back forty years. So. What do you say?”

Rachel gasped....

EPISODE #2014-247

Jan 27, 2014     Part #1

Amanda didn’t know precisely where she intended to go upon flying out of the Harrison house after Kevin told her he didn’t think he’d be able to forgive her deliberately hurting Jen.

Truth was....

Jan 30, 2014     Part #2

“Mr. Hutchings, Mrs. Hutchins,” Toni Burrell said, looking from Carl and Rachel to Jamie and Lorna as she stood in the Cory foyer. “We received a phone call down at the station. It was a confession of attempted murder. Your attempted murder, sir. And it came from this house.”

While everyone absorbed the news....

EPISODE #2014-246

Jan 23, 2014     Whole Episode

Despite a host of misgivings, Rachel realized she couldn’t stand it any longer. She had to know, once and for all, if something was going on between Carl and Lorna.

And so, when she heard the voices behind Lorna’s door; one male, one female, neither of them exactly having a dispassionate chat about the weather, Rachel threw common sense....

Jan 16, 2014     Part #2

EPISODE #2014-245

Jan 13, 2014     Part #1

“I am talking about Steven being the one to get your father killed,” Amanda took some measure of satisfaction in telling Jen. After the way both she and her high and mighty husband had refused to help Allie, it was the least they deserved. “And Kevin deciding to go to prison in his place!”

“Damn it....

Jan 16, 2014     Part #2

Rachel spent most of the evening at Jamie’s house talking to Felicia about the possibility of Lucas being Carl’s shooter. After the initial shock wore off, Felicia had been forced to concede that....

EPISODE #2014-244

Jan 6, 2014     Part #1

“It’s a good thing Morgan isn’t an OB,” Russ informed his daughter as a horrified Olivia lay in her hospital bed, staring up at him mutely. “Because, if he were, as Chief of Staff, I’d be very worried. Especially since he diagnosed a miscarriage… when you were never pregnant in the first place.”

She swallowed hard. “Daddy....

Jan 9, 2014     Part #2

“Is that why you tried to murder my husband in cold blood?” An incensed Rachel demanded of Donna.

Who merely laughed and....

EPISODE #2013-243

Dec 30, 2013     Part #1

“She pushed me!” Olivia curled pitifully into a fetal ball at the bottom of the church stairs, moaning in pain but still managing to point a finger upwards. “Marley pushed me! She tried to kill my baby!”

The last accusation seemed to....

Jan 2, 2014     Part #2

“Morgan said you were up to having visitors,” Jamie peeked around the examining room curtain and addressed the hospital bed where Olivia was now lying.

She nodded weakly, attempting....


Dec 23, 2013     Part #1

“Can you believe Marley’s nerve?” Olivia huffed as she slammed the passenger side door of Jamie’s car behind her. “Dragging people out of the house on Christmas Day to watch her get married for – which number time is this?”

Jamie checked his rearview mirror before backing out of the driveway, then observed....

Dec 19, 2013     Part #2

EPISODE #2013-241

Dec 16, 2013     Part #1

“I want Lorna to move out. And then I want to move in,” Olivia clarified. “Today.”

Jamie absorbed her words....

Dec 19, 2013     Part #2

“That’s the last of them,” Olivia cheerfully told Devon and Mackenzie as the two little girls huffed and puffed up and down the stairs, depositing the bags Olivia had brought into her new room at Jamie’s house.

The pair were so giddy at the notion of Olivia coming for....

EPISODE #2013-240

Dec 9, 2013     Part #1

“If you had the evidence to arrest my wife,” Jamie informed Toni through clenched teeth as she stood on his doorstep. “You would have come with a warrant. Since you didn’t, I know you’re just fishing. So, no, Chief Burrell, you may not come in.”

Toni’s expression didn’t flicker....

Dec 12, 2013     Part #2

“Where is everyone?” Jamie asked after returning to the hospital waiting area and finding only Rachel there.

“Amanda had some emergency....

EPISODE #2013-239

Dec 2, 2013     Part #1

Rachel didn’t hear the shot. At least, she didn’t think she did. All Rachel knew was that she’d woken up with a start. And that she knew something was wrong.

She flew out of bed, pulling on a robe....

Dec 5, 2013     Part #2

“You saw Lorna shoot Carl?” Jamie grabbed Rachel by the arm and whipped her around to face him, ignoring Toni’s follow up questions and the shock of his brothers and sisters. This was between him and Rachel.


EPISODE #2013-238

Nov 25, 2013     238 - Thanksgiving

“Goodness, Cory.” Rachel looked up from making sure every aspect of the Thanksgiving table setting was perfect. “Hurry and get dressed. Our guests will be here any minute.”

“We have actual guests....

Nov 21, 2013     Part #2

EPISODE #2013-237

Nov 18, 2013     Part 1

“And what might this be?” Carl looked up from where he’d been sitting in his chair as Rachel handed him a flat rectangular box about the size of an envelope, complete with a festive ribbon on top. “It is much too early for a Christmas gift. Despite what the money-hungry retailers with their gauche bits of greenery scattered about might think.”


Nov 21, 2013     Part #2

“No,” Jamie said.

Followed by Lorna’s “Hell, no....

EPISODE #2013-236

Nov 11, 2013     Part 1

“Carl has been telling the truth all along,” Matt repeated for perhaps the tenth time since he and Donna received their information, each incarnation coming out more and more gloomily. “Iris really did....

Nov 14, 2013     Part #2

“May I… come in?” Felicia’s hesitation, her downright fear of being sent away, stabbed at Lorna’s heart with such ferocity, it was all she could do to keep her expression neutral as she let her mother into the house. “How are you, Lorna?”

“Fine.” Lorna hoped....

EPISODE #2013-235

Nov 4, 2013     Part 1

“So,” Lorna began casually after Jamie had gotten home from work, eaten dinner with her and the girls, and put Devon and Zee to bed (they still weren’t too keen on Lorna doing it alone). “Olivia dropped by to see me today.”

Jamie let out a low whistle under his breath. “Sorry. I was hoping to....

Nov 7, 2013     Part #2

“Am I supposed to kiss the bride now?” Kirkland asked Sarah as she stood near the modest wedding cake at her and Grant’s impromptu reception in Chase’s office, passing out plates to their handful of guests, including....

EPISODE #2013-234

Oct 28, 2013     Part 1

“Jamie?” Marley repeated Olivia’s claim, her tone stuck between incredulous and… something else. “You’re pregnant with Jamie’s baby?”

Olivia nodded....

Oct 31, 2013     Part #2

“Hi,” Olivia was still debating the wisdom of her spontaneous visit, yet forcing herself to follow through nonetheless, even as Lorna opened the door to her and Jamie’s home. “Hello,” Jamie’s wife greeted Olivia coolly, if not exactly antagonistically.


EPISODE #2013-233

Oct 21, 2013     Part 1

“Are you unwell, my dear?” Carl asked Rachel solicitously the next morning, after what had rather noticeably been a most unrestful night’s sleep on her part.

She stifled a yawn behind her palm, shaking her head in an attempt to clear it, but merely succeeding in exhausting herself further. “I couldn’t stop thinking about Elizabeth. And...

Oct 24, 2013     Part #2

For a moment after she first threatened him, Jamie looked so… not angry, not frustrated, not even fed up… just so damn....

EPISODE #2013-232

Oct 17, 2013     Full Episode

“Elizabeth and Charlie…” Rachel echoed slowly, as the full implication of what Frankie had just said sank in with a nearly audible thump.

From the looks....

EPISODE #2013-231

Oct 7, 2013     Part 1

“We came to get Lorna’s things,” Jamie informed Carl and Rachel tersely as all four of them stood in the Cory foyer. “She’s moving in with me and the girls.”

“Moving in…” Rachel’s head swiveled Lorna’s way. “Does that mean....

Oct 10, 2013     Part #2

“I’m pregnant, Dennis,” Olivia informed her ex – right after he’d informed her of his newly rekindled relationship with Marley.

“Come on....

EPISODE #2013-230

Sept 30, 2013     Part 1

“Tell me I’m not dreaming,” Jamie begged, unable to stop himself from laughing with both joy and incredulity as he lay in bed, curled up against Lorna.

“You’re not dreaming....

Sept 26, 2013     Part #2

“I’m sorry, you’re....

EPISODE #2013-229

Sept 23, 2013     Part 1

Dennis waited until after Iris had gone flying out of his apartment upon hearing that Sarah and Grant were ostensibly back together to turn towards Marley, still sitting naked in his bed, wrapped in only a sheet to observe, “So that’s why you came to me. Because Grant went back to Sarah.”

“Not at all,” she swore. “I don’t know anything about....

Sept 26, 2013     Part #2

“What can I do for you, Mr. Winthrop?” Chase barely looked up from the stacks of paperwork on his desk, briefly making eye contact with Cass before diving back in.


EPISODE #2013-228

Sept 16, 2013     Part 1

“Marley….” Dennis’ mouth opened and closed not unlike a goldfish’s at the sight of her standing on his doorstep, looking positively ready to burst. He hadn’t seen or so much as spoken to her since the… slip-up… with Olivia, and Dennis had been hoping for....

Sept 19, 2013     Part #2

“Hello, darling,” Iris brushed Dennis’ cheek with her lips, already on the way into his apartment. “I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d drop by to see how….”

“Your baby boy is....

EPISODE #2013-227

Sept 9, 2013     Part 1

“Anna is an idiot,” Donna fumed to Matt, hovering over his hospital bed, stroking his forehead at the same time as her other hand smacked the blanket for emphasis. “To say that you were dead – “

“She said she thought....

Sept 12, 2013     Part #2

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Kirkland asked as soon as he walked through Sarah’s door and realized she’d been crying.


EPISODE #2013-226

Sept 5, 2013     Complete Episode

Donna told herself that she had made an infinitely reasonable decision.....

Aug 29, 2013     Part #2

EPISODE #2013-225

Aug 26, 2013     Part 1

Amanda looked at Jamie. Who was looking at Lorna. Who was kissing Morgan.

Who heard them come in. And so he....

Aug 29, 2013     Part #2

“How was your lunch?” Iris inquired idly, stepping into Amanda’s office after she’d said good-by to Kevin.


EPISODE #2013-224

Aug 19, 2013     Part 1

“What are you going to do?” Amanda demanded of Olivia – after the latter had walked in on Sam’s ex-wife and Lorna’s ex-husband in a most… picturesque position on the floor of his apartment.


Aug 22, 2013     Part #2

“What’s the matter with you....

EPISODE #2013-223

Aug 12, 2013     Part 1

“And to what do I owe this magnanimous offer to spare me The Wrath of Carl,” Chase inquired politely. “As long as I do what you say, of course?”

“You are nothing....

Aug 15, 2013     Part #2

“I came to warn you,” Rachel informed Russ, ignoring the look of distaste on his face when he recognized who was standing on his doorstep. She invited herself in, figuring he wouldn’t. Not now. Not for a long time.

“If this is about....

EPISODE #2013-222

Aug 5, 2013     Part 1

“Yes,” Lucas said, before Alice had even finished asking him about Dennis and Marley’s accusation. “They’re telling the truth.”

“I thought so....

Aug 8, 2013     Part #2

“What in the world could they possibly be discussing for all this time....

EPISODE #2013-221

July 29, 2013     Part 1

“It was never about me,” Marley told Dennis, her eyes dry, her voice hollow, her entire, stoic visage suggesting she’d be a fool to expect anything different. “Even when a man tries to kill me, I’m not the one he’s after.”

“Is that what Lucas....

Aug 1, 2013     Part #2

“Isn’t this thrilling?” Donna trilled to Matt as they followed a suitcase-laden bellboy into their hotel room in Switzerland.  Donna thrust open the curtains and gazed rapturously upon the city of Zurich.  “Cass and Frankie believe they have the market cornered on romantic sleuthing expeditions.  And look at us now!  We’ll give them a run for their money!”

Though thrilled to see Donna so happy....

EPISODE #2013-220

July 22, 2013     Part 1

“Call him off,” Lorna ordered Carl upon finally catching him alone for the first time in days. Always before, Rachel or one of the kids had been hovering on the periphery, making Lorna feel like the ultimate outsider within their reunited family unit. So what else was new?

“You know there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, my dear....

July 25, 2013     Part #2

“Welcome back, Carl,” Frankie attempted to summon up as genuine of a smile as possible. “To the land of the living, I mean.”

“As one who has been through the experience....

EPISODE #2013-219

July 15, 2013     Part 1

“What the hell, Morgan?” Amanda demanded after Lorna had taken off, eager to avoid any further discussion of her marriage to Jamie or any other details of this alleged past she couldn’t remember. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see....

July 18, 2013     Part #2

“It’s good to see you, Felicia,” Rachel told her friend gently, realizing the effort it must have taken her to set foot once again inside the Cory Mansion.

“I came to....

EPISODE #2013-218

July 8, 2013     Part 1

“Why did you tell your guests that you’d known all along about my plan to rescue Lorna, Elizabeth and Cory?” Carl wondered, “Why did you lie for me, Rachel?”


July 11, 2013     Part #2

“So I guess there’s someone you remember, after all,” Amanda observed dryly, walking in on Morgan and Lorna – Lorna! – sharing a laugh in the Cory foyer, neither seemingly harboring a care in the world.

Lorna turned....

EPISODE #2013-217

July 1, 2013     Part 1

“I know because…” Rachel took a deep breath, bracing herself for their inevitable shock and horror. “Because I was in on Carl’s plan from the start. I understood why he had to take off with Cory, Elizabeth and Lorna. And I gave him my blessing to do it.”

No one moved. No one breathed. Certainly no one spoke....

July 4, 2013     Part #2

“Kirkland!” Grant eagerly stepped forward to envelop his son in a hug, pretending not to notice that the boy barely responded in kind.

“Hey, Grant....

EPISODE #2013-216

June 24, 2013     Part 1

“I’m sorry,” Jamie’s wife asked, politely if somewhat distractedly.  “Do I know you?”

June 27, 2013     Part #2

“Hello, Rachel,” Carl’s voice boomed from the doorway. With Elizabeth by his side, he studied the assembled crew: Rachel, Felicia, Lucas, Jamie, Alice, Eduardo… along with Cory and Lorna. “Everyone…”

EPISODE #2013-215

June 17, 2013     Part 1


June 20, 2013     Part #2

“Hi, Mom,” Rachel’s son said. Rachel’s son who’d been gone for three years. Rachel’s son who was supposed to be dead. Along with his sister. And his father.


EPISODE #2013-214

June 10, 2013     Part 1

She’d asked Cass for the truth. And Frankie had gotten it.

Her husband stood in front of her, looking as if he wished he were anyplace else at the moment, and telling Frankie, “I can’t think of anything more....

June 13, 2013     Part #2

Olivia on his lap, her hands on his shoulders, her mouth on his, Jamie allowed her to kiss him. He even kissed her back. But, only for a moment.

As soon as Jamie’s brain caught up....

EPISODE #2013-213

June 3, 2013     Part 1

“Hold up,” Cass ordered as, soon as they brought her home from the hospital, Charlie made a mad dash for the stairs without so much as a word to either him or Frankie.

She paused, hand still on the railing, and half turned to ask....

June 6, 2013     Part #2

“Aren’t you violating your own restraining order?” Olivia wondered when Donna showed up at the Matthews home.

“It’s been rescinded.”

EPISODE #2013-212

May 30, 2013     Part 1 and 2

“Jamie,” Rachel said, facing her son for the first time since Chase Hamilton broke the news that Rachel had gotten a phone call from Cory about Lorna… and kept it a secret.

Jamie only nodded in return, swallowing hard....

May 23, 2013     Part #2

EPISODE #2013-211

May 20, 2013     Part #1

“Don’t let me interrupt,” Amanda drawled, after her entrance to the prison’s visitor area effectively quenched the laugh Kevin and Lila were sharing.

“Amanda.” Kevin stood....

May 23, 2013     Part #2

Cass didn’t say anything. There was nothing for Cass to say. He simply sat with Frankie in the hospital waiting room, both of them waiting....

EPISODE #2013-210

May 13, 2013     Part #1

“Oh, come on,” Olivia blurted out, looking over her shoulder at Jamie as if this might be some kind of a practical joke. But, judging from the concern on his face in response to Olivia being charged with attempted murder, if this was, in fact, a joke, then Jamie definitely wasn’t in on it.

“I was kidding....

May 16, 2013     Part #2

“Don’t just stand there,” Frankie ordered her daughter. “Call 911, tell them to send the fire department. I’ve got to....

EPISODE #2013-209

May 6, 2013     Part #1

“Doug Rivera is your… son?” Felicia choked out, wondering if maybe she’d slipped and been drinking after all.

“Eduardo Rivera,” the man....

May 9, 2013     Part #2

“Thanks for coming.” John looked from Charlie to Frankie to Cass, each sitting in his office, neither looking particularly pleased to be there.

“Is there a problem....

EPISODE #2013-208

April 29, 2013     Part #1

Dennis was waiting for Donna in front of C-Squared’s building. He’d called and told her there was an emergency. She needed to get down here right away.

Donna did....

May 2, 2013     Part #2

“You’re such an amateur,” Iris drawled to Marley, treating the art gallery now as her own private domain, from which Iris was free to come and go as she wished apparently. “Did you really think you’d be able to get away with it?”

Marley sighed....

EPISODE #2013-207

April 22, 2013     Part #1

“Do all your parties end this way?” Olivia asked Jamie as they were cleaning up following Kirkland’s birthday celebration.

“With somebody dropping....

April 25, 2013     Part #2

From the looks of things, Rachel made it back just in time. Felicia was doing her best to both entice Accord closer and keep him at arm’s length simultaneously, a rather difficult skill, even for the irrepressible Felicia Gallant. Rachel was grateful her friend was taking one for the team, and relieved that wouldn’t be necessary much longer.

“What the hell do you think you’re up to....

EPISODE #2013-206

April 15, 2013     Part #1

“I’m not as bad as Donna or Iris… am I?” Frankie pleaded with Cass after filling him in regarding her conversation with Zeno and what he’d accused her of.

Cass didn’t answer, he merely continued sitting where he was, staring at his wife as if she were a stranger.


April 18, 2013     Part #2

“Where is she?” Grant demanded, barging into Russ’ house and confronting Iris, looking around desperately as if Sarah might have taken shelter behind a piece of furniture.

“What are you....

EPISODE #2013-205

April 8, 2013     Part #1

“Didn’t this seem easier when we were twelve?” Jamie put down the hammer and sat back on his heels, surveying the tenuous, wooden skeleton of the tree-house he and Dennis were attempting to erect on an unseasonably cold spring afternoon, where every gust of frigid wind shook the entire structure and threatened to send it careening to the ground.

“I think,” Dennis nodded his head thoughtfully. “We....

April 11, 2013     Part #2

“I know you didn’t kill Johnson,” Lila told Kevin, even while visiting him in prison for doing precisely that. “And I know that Steven did.”

To his credit, Kevin’s facial expression didn’t flicker. He merely inquired politely, “What makes you say that?”

EPISODE #2013-204

April 1, 2013     Part #1

“We need to talk,” Russ gamely attempted to interrupt Iris mid-tirade about Daisy, Sarah, Marley, Dennis, Grant… Russ was having trouble keeping all the players straight as she leapt from name to name, subject to subject, perceived insult to perceived insult.

“It’s ghastly, isn’t it....

April 4, 2013     Part #2

“You wanted to see me?” Dennis caught up with Marley at the gallery, this time on her request.

“I wanted to....

EPISODE #2013-203

Mar 25, 2013     Part #1

“Let it go, Mom,” Dennis stressed when Iris returned to him yet again, swearing that Marley was out to destroy Sarah’s self-confidence so that she might eventually steal Daisy for herself. “You don’t know Marley, okay? She isn’t like that.”

“Can you think of another explanation for her actions....

Mar 28, 2013     Part #2

“I understand that you declined the chance to press kidnapping charges against Carl,” Rachel saw no point in beating around the bush with her son.

Jamie nodded stiffly, his mouth set into a grim line....

EPISODE #2013-202

Mar 18, 2013     Part #1

“Feeling any better?” Lucas asked Felicia sympathetically after she’d shown up on his doorstep, still so upset from her confrontation with Rachel that she could barely get the words out regarding Chase Hamilton and his request that Felicia file charges against Carl in order to help find Lorna.

“She’s out of her mind.” Felicia shook with fury. “Rachel. It’s as if....

Mar 21, 2013     Part #2

“Hello, Kirkland.” Grant stood on the Frame doorstep looking both ill-at-ease and bursting with pride. He indicated the baby he was holding and said, “I wanted to stop by, introduce you to your new sister.”

Kirkland studied the infant, then shrugged....

EPISODE #2013-201

Mar 11, 2013     Part #1

“So did you bring your balls to lunch today?” Lila asked Grant politely as they both took their seats at Tops. “Or are they still in Marley’s purse, where you left them?”

The Scotch Grant had been attempting to swallow all but went out his nose and he needed to snatch up a cloth napkin to cover his mouth while he coughed, “Excuse me....

Mar 14, 2013     Part #2

Rachel waited until after Felicia had stormed out of the Cory Mansion before....

EPISODE #2013-200

Mar 4, 2013     Part #1

“There she is!” Marley flung open the door to her and Grant’s home and welcomed Daisy, currently rocking in a car-seat held by Sarah, the latter of whom looked like she might turn and bolt at any second.


Mar 7, 2013     Part #2

The line went dead....

EPISODE #2013-199

Feb 25, 2013     Part #1

“I am fighting to keep Charlie being Charlie,” Frankie had said in John’s office. “Damn it, Cass....

Feb 28, 2013     Part #2

“I can’t,” Jamie told Chase. “I can’t do this to Mom.”


EPISODE #2013-198

Feb 18, 2013     Part #1

“I saw her, darling,” Iris flew into Sarah’s hospital room without bothering to lower herself to anything as plebian as knocking… or being invited. “Our baby. She is absolutely magnificent.”

“For a baby....

Feb 21, 2013     Part #2

“Allie’s going home?” Frankie asked wistfully upon catching sight of Amanda waiting for her daughter to finish filling out some papers at the Admissions Desk.


EPISODE #2013-197

Feb 11, 2013     Part #1

“I heard about Kevin,” Jamie caught up to Alice at the hospital. “Amanda said he confessed to Horace Johnson’s murder?”

Alice nodded, continuing to walk down the corridor in the direction of Jamie’s office. “He wanted to....

Feb 14, 2013     Part #2

“There he is! The hero I’ve heard so much about!” Marley smiled and embraced her nephew, having stopped by Jamie’s house specifically to check up on Kirkland.

“Thanks,” he blushed and awkwardly detangled himself, still getting used to....

EPISODE #2013-196

Feb 4, 2013     Part #1

“Oh.” Rachel couldn’t think of much else to say when ringing Jamie’s doorbell brought out Felicia, instead.

Her friend explained, “I....

Feb 7, 2013     Part #2

“I talked to Zeno,” Frankie filled in Cass, who’d kept vigil by Charlie’s bedside while Frankie ran her errand. Now they both sat in the cafeteria, Cass exhausted by the ordeal going on now – and....

EPISODE #2013-195

Jan 28, 2013     Part #1

“Charlie?” Frankie gasped at the sight of her daughter lying in a Bay City Hospital bed, completely unresponsive, exactly like John had said; then quickly tried to collect herself. She forced herself to sound chipper as she moved closer and repeated, “Charlie!” as if they were merely running into each other after a long absence.

Behind her....

Jan 31, 2013     Part #2

“How is she?” Cass and Frankie moved on from hounding Kirkland to How’s Allie feeling?” Though still badly shaken up by the sight of Charlie in her bed, utterly unresponsive, Frankie instinctively reached out to Amanda when the two mothers ran into each other in the hospital waiting area.

“She’s going to be....

EPISODE #2013-194

Jan 21, 2013     Part #1

Kirkland had just come from having his injured shoulder looked at and being assured by the doctor on duty that it was merely a bad muscle sprain, not a tear and that he should alternate ice and heat to keep it from stiffening up and hurting even more, when Frankie and Cass descended upon him in the Emergency Room waiting area, each talking over the other, but both wanting to know the same thing: Where was Charlie?

“They took her....

Jan 24, 2013     Part #2

“How is she?” Cass and Frankie moved on from hounding Kirkland to interrogating John, who came into the waiting area to announce he’d been the one taking care of Charlie since she was first brought in.


EPISODE #2013-193

Jan 14, 2013     Part #1

Parking their own car next to Allie and Charlie’s abandoned and snowbound vehicles, GQ and Kirkland followed the footsteps that led off the road....

Jan 17, 2013     Part #2

Grant stood on the early morning sidewalk, his heart in his throat, watching Sarah through the furniture store window as she picked out a bedroom set for her baby. For their baby.

When she caught sight of him, Grant....

EPISODE #2013-193

Jan 7, 2012     Part #1

“Kevin,” Rachel offered a satisfied smile at the sight of her son-in-law’s return to the Cory mansion. “I trust you’ve come to your senses?”

“Actually,” he took a seat opposite her. “I was kind of hoping....

Jan 10, 2013     Part #2

“Let’s get one thing straight.” Figuring turnabout was fair play, Marley barged in on Dennis at Russ’ house the same way Iris had done earlier with her at the art gallery. “If you or anyone else in your family wants to....

EPISODE #2012-191

Dec 31, 2012     Part #1

By the time Russ and Iris yanked their robes on, both avoiding the other’s eye as if....

Jan 3, 2013     Part #2

“Happy New Year!” Felicia showed up on Jamie’s doorstep first thing in the morning, handing out party hats to the girls, blowing a noise-maker in his surprised and somewhat sleepy face, and delivering a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne.

“What’s this for....

EPISODE #2012-190

Dec 24, 2012     Part #1

“Merry Christmas! Oh, it’s so good to see you both!” Standing in her foyer, Rachel bent from the waist so she could be at Devon and Mackenzie’s eye-level. She yearned to....

Dec 27, 2012     Part #2

It took a moment before those assembled at Rachel’s house for Christmas Day could collect themselves enough to react to Frankie and Cass’ unexpected arrival.

It was Lori Ann who....


EPISODE #2012-189

Dec 17, 2012     Part #1

The message to Rachel Hutchins from Chase Hamilton consisted of a single word: Ditto.

It was.....

Dec 20, 2012     Part #2

“I’m sorry,” Felicia fervently swore to Jamie after she guiltily bolted from the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, only to have him follow her out into the hall.


EPISODE #2012-188

Dec 10, 2012     Part #1

“Taking your luggage out for a spin?” Russ inquired dryly at the sight of Iris on his front porch, a dozen monogrammed suitcases in tow.

“Rachel has.....

Dec 13, 2012     Part #2

“Grant is the father of Sarah’s baby?” Jamie attempted to feign sufficient surprise at Marley’s revelation after she’d dropped by the house to fill him in. “Not Steven?”

“Well, those are the top two....

EPISODE #2012-187

Dec 3, 2012     Part #1

“I… didn’t,” Steven began.

But, Kevin was in no mood for game playing. “You did.....

Dec 6, 2012     Part #2

“I love you, Amanda....

EPISODE #2012-186

Nov 26, 2012     Part #1

“To Steven,” Iris crowed under the pretense of toasting her granddaughter, the granddaughter’s unborn child… and its heretofore secret father.

For a moment, nobody moved....

Nov 29, 2012     Part #2

Considering the sort of Thanksgiving evening Rachel had, Alice waited until nearly noon of the following day before ringing Rachel’s doorbell. Alice inquired about Steven, only to learn that he’d gone into hibernation and wasn’t answering either calls or texts. She then filled Rachel in regarding Sarah deciding to spend the night at Russ’ place rather than face any more inquisitions, and passed on Amanda’s regards to her mother. Both women made a point of avoiding Iris’ name.

It was only after all that was out of the way that....

EPISODE #2012-185

Nov 19, 2012     Part #1

“Do you remember me?” Iris stretched her hand forward coyly. “You were still such a little boy when I left Bay City years ago.”

“I remember you,” Steven said, somewhat startled to see the woman he’d mostly heard about through family legend and innuendo, standing in the middle of BCU’s computer lab. “A little. You’re....

Nov 22, 2012     Part #2

As expected, the promise of a Thanksgiving feast co-hosted by Rachel Hutchins and Iris Wheeler prompted....

EPISODE #2012-184

Nov 12, 2012     Part #1

“You should have seen her face,” Donna crowed to Matt. “Iris! With her mouth hanging open! Shocked! Stunned! She never saw it coming!”

“You told her about.... “

Nov 15, 2012     Part #2

“It’s funny,” Iris observed upon entering the Harrison home at Alice’s invitation. “I never dreamed I should see this house again. When he left town for the last time, Spencer made it rather clear he had no intention of ever returning to Bay City.”

“His son was here,” Alice reminded. “And....

EPISODE #2012-183

Nov 5, 2012     Part #1

“Right there… Ahhh…. Perfect….” Cass purred in a combination of agony and ecstasy as Frankie applied aloe vera lotion to the sunburned patches on the back of his neck, acquired during their....

Nov 8, 2012     Part #2

“Didn’t you get the memo?” Rachel inquired upon finding Russ waiting for her when she got home from her less than productive conversation with Chase.

“There was a memo?” Russ kissed his ex-wife on the cheek, took Rachel’s coat, hung it up solicitously, and escorted her into the library.

“The one that....

EPISODE #2012-182

Oct 29, 2012     Part #1

“You have some nerve,” Grant advanced on Rachel in her office, eschewing pleasantries or even salutations in favor of what he’d specifically come over to say.

Rachel looked up, one eyebrow raised, her tone clipped as she observed, “I hardly think....

Nov 1, 2012     Part #2

“I’m sorry, you’re going to do what?” Marley repeated, staring daggers at her mother while making it clear Sarah wouldn’t be getting away Scott-free, either.

“I – I told your mother that....

EPISODE #2012-181

Oct 22, 2012     Part #1

“I understand now,” Marley told Grant as they drove home from KBAY following his announcement, Michele and Bridget having been sent on ahead before they were forced to hear what Rachel and Lila had recorded. “I finally understand why....

Oct 25, 2012     Part #2

“Rachel isn’t home,” Lila told Grant dully as he stood expectantly in the Cory foyer. “I don’t know when she’ll be back, either.”

“Oh. Okay. I’ll stop by later, I guess....

EPISODE #2012-180

Oct 15, 2012     Part #1

Kevin blew into Jamie’s office at the hospital, already in the middle of at least three different conversations, one on his phone, one on his BlackBerry, another with his wife, telling the waiting Amanda, “I got your message.”


Oct 18, 2012     Part #2

“Hello, Rachel,” a returning from work Iris greeted her stepmother cautiously, certain that Amanda must have come running to Mommy by now with details about her and Iris’ earlier conversation. Iris wasn’t sure how Rachel might react to it. As a result, she was determined not to....

EPISODE #2012-180

Oct 15, 2012     Part #1

Kevin blew into Jamie’s office at the hospital, already in the middle of at least three different conversations, one on his phone, one on his BlackBerry, another with his wife, telling the waiting Amanda, “I got your message.”


Oct 18, 2012     Part #2

“Hello, Rachel,” a returning from work Iris greeted her stepmother cautiously, certain that Amanda must have come running to Mommy by now with details about her and Iris’ earlier conversation. Iris wasn’t sure how Rachel might react to it. As a result, she was determined not to....

EPISODE #2012-179

Oct 8, 2012     Part #1

“Is Steven the father of Sarah’s baby?” Donna repeated, since Allie had obviously demonstrated herself incapable of following a single train of thought upon first try.

“W-Why – What....

Oct 11, 2012     Part #2

“Not a good time, Grant,” Marley had to laugh while trying to look firm as, five minutes before she was supposed to leave the house to pick up Michele and Bridget from fencing class, Grant decided to....

EPISODE #2012-178

Oct 1, 2012     Part #1

“No I told you so?” GQ mumbled as he and Steven left the hospital, having both grown convinced that Horace had let Jen down yet again – possibly for good, this time.

Steven shrugged. “You tell me how....

Oct 4, 2012     Part #2

“So it’s true then,” Donna observed upon inviting herself into Marley’s house and spotting Sarah there. Donna grabbed Marley by the arm and practically dragged her into the study, shutting the door behind them and hissing in a voice part whisper, part shout. “You really have....

EPISODE #2012-177

Sept 24, 2012     Part #1

“Is the coast clear?” Marley made a big show of checking behind drapes and under the rug for a potentially lurking Iris in an attempt to make Sarah laugh.

“She’s gone,” Sarah reassured, though....

Sept 27, 2012     Part #2

“Thank you for taking the time to meet with us,” Cass gushed effusively to Le Rosey’s rather intimidating headmaster, noting the resemblance the current office occupant bore to the portraits of predecessors lining the wall directly behind him. Cass wondered if this was a job that required submitting a headshot prior to interview.

“We are always interested in....

EPISODE #2012-176

Sept 17, 2012     Part #1

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” Alice told Rachel. “But, I’d expected to hear back from you by now regarding the money you needed for Cory Publishing.”

Rachel nodded, having....

Sept 20, 2012     Part #2

“Hello, Iris,” Sarah used her grandmother’s preferred form of address as Iris stormed into Grant and Marley’s guest-room, shooing Bridget and Michele out with a dismissive wave of the hand and a look that had terrified peons twice their age for multiple decades.

“My poor, poor girl....

EPISODE #2012-175

Sept 10, 2012     Part #1

“I’m glad you stopped by, darling.” Rachel swept down the stairs to envelope Jamie in a hug, then crouched to study Devon and Mackenzie in their double stroller, Jamie’s younger daughter asleep, his elder scowling silently. “And it’s been much too long since I’ve seen these beauties.”

“Well, we were taking a walk....

Sept 13, 2012     Part #2

“We’re all set,” Marley announced upon her return to Sarah’s hospital room, wheelchair in hand, only to find the younger woman looking distinctively paler than when Marley left.

“What’s wrong?

EPISODE #2012-174

Sept 3, 2012     Part #1

“So was Iris telling the truth?” Rachel wondered as Amanda poured over the documents of her half-sister’s newly acquired majority share in Cory Publishing.

“Is the answer to that question ever....

Sept 6, 2012     Part #2

“I am going to be frank with you, Mrs. Cory,” Dr. Raya Ng folded her hands in front of her as she gazed across her desk at Donna and Matt. “I don’t believe false hope does anyone any good in the long run. After reviewing your test results, as well as those of your husband, my professional opinion is....

EPISODE #2012-173

Aug 27, 2012     Part #1

“Excuse me, do you speak English?” Frankie’s voice sounded appropriately frazzled as she rushed up to Chloe Lax, even grabbing her arm for good measure, the better to convey Frankie’s sincere desperation.

“I do....

Aug 30, 2012     Part #2

“Well?” Rachel all but hovered over Amanda as, back at the Cory mansion, her daughter was instantly on the phone with their business manager, explaining that it looked like they’d secured the funds necessary to keep Brava and the rest of their publications afloat at least long enough for them to regroup and....

EPISODE #2012-172

Aug 20, 2012     Part #1

“I don’t care if the next election is two years off....

Aug 23, 2012     Part #2

“How did your meeting with Jeanne fare, darling?” Donna took great pains to make it sound as if she were merely making conversation.

Matt shrugged....

EPISODE #2012-171

Aug 13, 2012     Part #1

“This is really happening, isn’t it?” Frankie glanced in excitement around the First Class Delta Airlines cabin where she and Cass now sat ensconced in a pair of plush seats, their tray-tables in an upright and locked position, their carry-on bags safely stored overhead, waiting for the Fasten Seatbelts sign to go off so that they might freely move about the cabin. “We’re really doing it.”

“We’re really....

Aug 16, 2012     Part #2

“Thank you,” Rachel cleared her throat, looking from Jamie, to Amanda with Kevin, and then Matt with Donna and Jasmine, as all seven of them stood in the South Garden prior to the start of Carl, Elizabeth and Cory’s memorial service. “Thank you all for....

EPISODE #2012-170

Aug 6, 2012     Part #1

“Hello, Jamie,” Marley began, before the rest of her words were wiped out of her head by....

Aug 9, 2012     Part #2

Rachel, my dear!” Iris walked into the Cory Mansion as if she’d last left only a couple of hours ago, and proceeded to address her onetime stepmother as if they were already in the middle of a conversation. Not to mention on speaking terms. “How dreadful! How absolutely dreadful for you! You must be....

EPISODE #2012-169

July 30, 2012     Part #1

“There are more important things right now than who’s right and who’s wrong,” Rachel pleaded. “You need me, Jamie. I need you. To hell with everything else – at least ....

Aug 2, 2012     Part #2

“Mom?” Amanda’s voice barely rose above a whisper as she stood at the entrance to the library, no idea how to reach out to her mother, or even whether Rachel might welcome it.


EPISODE #2012-168

July 23, 2012     Part #1

“Oh, what now, Your Eminence?” Lila drawled into the phone upon seeing Chase’s name there – again.

Much to her surprise....

July 26, 2012     Part #2

I’m sorry,” Felicia was already apologizing as she burst through Cass and Frankie’s front door the next morning. “I’m sorry to get you both up so early.”

“That’s okay,” Cass reassured, tightening his robe around him. “How is....

EPISODE #2012-167

July 16, 2012     Part #1

The voice on the phone stammered, “Mrs. Hutchins, I’m afraid we have some disturbing news. Your husband’s plane....

July 19, 2012     Part #2

“I’m very sorry, Mrs. Hutchins.” The words came at Rachel as if from far away. “It is the official belief of this office, that your husband, as well as your children, and all other passengers, were....

EPISODE #2012-166

July 9, 2012     Part #1

“You are out of your mind,” Lorna said, realizing, with a sinking, hollow feeling that all the previous times she’d leveled the charge at Carl she was being sarcastic. And that now she was absolutely right....

July 12, 2012     Part #2

“Dr. Frame?” The phone call came just as Jamie was packing up his office, getting ready to leave for the day. He’d texted Lorna that he was on his way home, and was surprised....

EPISODE #2012-165

July 2, 2012     Part #1

“How did Rachel do this year after year?” Frankie wondered as....

July 5, 2012     Part #2

“Working on the holiday, are you?” Lila asked when she caught sight of Chase’s number in her cell-phone’s display.

“I’m calling to tell you....

EPISODE #2012-164

June 25, 2012     Part #1

“Might you spare me a moment of your time, Jamie?” Carl waited respectfully at the door of his stepson’s office, looking as close to submissive as Carl Hutchins was capable of.

Jamie looked up in surprise....

June 28, 2012     Part #2

“Morning,” Marley greeted Grant as he entered the kitchen. She was sitting at the table, Bridget on one side, Michele on the other. Everything looked perfectly normal. Except for the fact that....

EPISODE #2012-163

June 18, 2012     Part #1

“So, do you think my mother and I will ever manage to be in the same room again without it turning into....

June 21, 2012     Part #2

“What was so secret that you and Mom had to sequester yourselves in the car last night?” Elizabeth wondered, despite her father looking as if the last thing he wanted to do was rehash the encounter.

“You have a new niece....

EPISODE #2012-162

June 11, 2012     Part #1

“Heard from Zeno yet?” Cass asked Frankie as they rolled up the drive to Donna’s house for the second time in as many days.

She shook her head....

June 14, 2012     Part #2

“You’re sure you’re up to a welcoming committee?” Jamie double-checked with Lorna as they stood on the doorstep of their home, Jamie holding their newborn infant in her car-seat with one hand while sticking his key in the lock with the other. “It’s just that....

EPISODE #2012-161

June 4, 2012     Part #1

“Chase,” Lila attempted to start her sentence again, hoping this time she might actually get her thought out without choking – either metaphorically or literally. “He…”


June 7, 2012     Part #2

“You’re not mad at me?” Lila double-checked with Chase after breaking it to him that she’d given Rachel a head’s up regarding Carl’s upcoming arrest.


EPISODE #2012-160

May 28, 2012     Part #1

“Is something wrong with Matt?” was Rachel’s first thought and only concern when she found Donna on her doorstep.

“No. No....

May 31, 2012     Part #2

“Elizabeth calls it her Mea Culpa tour,” Rachel sighed to Felicia when her friend dropped by the Cory mansion that evening. “And I realize she owes you one, as well. I feel pretty certain the police arriving to....

EPISODE #2012-159

May 21, 2012     Part #1

“I told you not to wait up for me,” Jamie murmured, squatting by the living room couch where Lorna lay curled up, asleep, when he finally got home the next morning.


May 24, 2012     Part #2

“You going to beat me up with oranges?” Elizabeth asked Lorna after the latter led her into Lorna’s study for a private conversation. “So the bruises don’t show?”

“You’ve been watching too many movies.” Lorna closed the door behind them. “And....

EPISODE #2012-158

May 14, 2012     Part #1

Looking proud enough to burst, Donna told Matt, “I am signing over all of my assets, absolutely every penny I can presently lay claim to, to Lori Ann – with Dean as trustee.”

Matt blinked. It wasn’t so much due....

May 17, 2012     Part #2

“May we come in?” Rachel, one hand firmly dug into Elizabeth’s shoulder as they stood on the doorstep to the Harrison mansion, felt compelled to add, “Please, Amanda.”

Coming up behind....

EPISODE #2012-157

May 7, 2012     Part #1

“I don’t know,” Jamie told his son honestly. “I don’t know why Jake did what he did to Marley. And I don’t know how Vicky was able to forgive him, or why Marley thought she could still be in love with him after that. I wish I had an answer for you, but I don’t.”

“Why didn’t you ever tell me this before?” Kirkland went for the one question his father couldn’t claim ignorance of.


May 10, 2012     Part #2

“You gave me quite a scare, darling,” Donna purred as she waltzed into Matt’s hospital room, wrinkling her nose at the banal décor and thinking about what she could do to spruce up the place, even if it was only for a few days.


EPISODE #2012-156

April 30, 2012     Part #1

“When will they tell us anything?” Jeanne demanded as she and Rachel bid their time at the BCU emergency-room waiting area, following Jamie’s calls to them both about Matt being brought in.

“It always takes forever....

May 3, 2012     Part #2

“I’m Matthew’s wife,” Donna coolly informed Rachel, attempting to turn her back on Matt’s mother and make the call that would free him from this veterinary hospital (her former position on the board be damned) and enlist a trained cardiologist to take over.

“Give it a rest....

EPISODE #2012-155

April 23, 2012     Part #1

“You’re awake!” Steven cheered, even as Jen sighed.


April 26, 2012     Part #2

“Last chance,” Jamie warned Kirkland prior to answering the ringing doorbell. “You’re absolutely sure you don’t want to have a big, 18th birthday bash instead of just this small, family thing?”

“I’m sure....

EPISODE #2012-154

April 16, 2012     Part #1

They’re in Treatment Room #4B, Dr. Frame,” a nurse looked up to direct Jamie as he flew through the door in response to Alice’s page, pulling on his white lab coat with one arm while reaching for Jen’s chart with the other.

Kevin’s daughter was....

April 19, 2012     Part #2

“You handled that wonderfully,” Grant did his best to reassure Marley after Bridget and Michele had departed for school, and the two of them were alone, Marley looking as if she’d been to Hell and back – and....

EPISODE #2012-153

April 9, 2012     Part #1

“Kevin did what?” Rachel, Carl, and Amanda descended on Elizabeth en masse in light of her water-logged accusation, ignoring the suddenly hushed crowd of Felicia’s guests gathered around them.

“He attacked me....

April 12, 2012     Part #2

“You two cannot be serious,” Amanda barged in on Carl and Rachel the next morning, both of them tiredly sipping coffee after having been up all night. “You are actually pressing charges....

EPISODE #2012-152

April 2, 2012     Part #1

“Everything looks fantastic!” Frankie kissed Cass and Felicia’s cheeks in turn as they surveyed the Bay City Country Club, completely taken over from ballroom to adjoining open air pool and patio deck, all decked out on the occasion of Felicia Gallant’s e-book release gala and fundraiser.

“This is going to be the party of the year,” Cass predicted. “People will be talking about what happened here for years to come. ”

April 5, 2012     Part #2

“You’re not going to win,” Jeanne burst in on Donna, promising, “I’m not going to let you. ”

Donna, for her part, appeared....

EPISODE #2012-151

Mar 26, 2012     Part #1

“You’ve got a problem,” Lorna informed Matt over the phone after finally reaching him via his private number. The C-Squared designated cell had been full of messages by the time Lorna knew enough to dial, and he wasn’t answering his office line.

“And you’ve got a great grasp of....

Mar 29, 2012     Part #2

“Thank you so much for bringing them,” Marley smiled at Sarah over Bridget and Michele’s heads, hugging her nieces, telling them, “I’ve missed you guys so much!”

“Which one of us....

EPISODE #2012-150

Mar 19, 2012     Part #1

Rachel sputtered, “You want Mr. Hamilton to…

Mar 22, 2012     Part #2

“Save it,” Lila suggested to Grant as soon as she caught sight of him waiting in her office at City Hall. Having punched her way through a wall of reporters on the way in, Lila felt highly inclined to keep on swinging. “I know it was you who ratted Chase and me out to Amanda.”

“Did Amanda say....

EPISODE #2012-149

Mar 12, 2012     Part #1

Amanda supposed it could be taken as an indicator of precisely where her true priorities lay that her first thought, upon walking in on Lila in bed with the mayor of Bay City was, “Damn it, Grant was right,” rather than something more in the shock and awe family.

But, the fact was....

Mar 15, 2012     Part #2

This isn’t weird for you?” Steven asked Sarah.


EPISODE #2012-148

Mar 5, 2012     Part #1

“You didn’t say anything to Marley,” Grant observed, still in a semi-state of shock, as he and Sarah waited downstairs at the Love house for Marley to finish helping Michele and Bridget pack for an overnight at Grant and Marley’s place.


Mar 8, 2012     Part #2

“Jamie!” Toni called as he was preparing to leave the station, Kirkland’s lie detector test finally completed. She caught up to him, asking, “Kirk still around?”


EPISODE #2012-147

Feb 27, 2012     Part #1

“What do you want from me?” Jen beseeched following Steven’s refusal to heed either her subtle prompt, or her outright demand that he leave her office.

“To know....

Mar 1, 2012     Part #2

“Did you have a good time, Midget?” Sarah asked Michele and Bridget as she stopped by Grant’s house to pick them up from their visit with Marley.

“Pretty good....

EPISODE #2012-146

Feb 20, 2012     Part #1

“Well?” Marley smiled encouragingly at Sarah. “Tell me. What have you been up to since I’ve been gone? You look wonderful!”

Sarah glanced past Marley’s cheerful countenance, over her....

Feb 23, 2012     Part #2

“I understand congratulations are in order,” Chase caught up with Grant inside the latter’s City Hall office.

“Thank you....

EPISODE #2012-145

Feb 13, 2012     Part #1

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” Lorna greeted Jamie as he walked through the door after work, stopping him in his tracks with the instantly provocative question, “Notice anything different?”

He tread carefully, looking around, ruminating, weighing, listening, finally....

Feb 16, 2012     Part #2

“You’re home,” Jeanne struggled to keep the surprise from her voice. Ever since they’d moved out of the Cory mansion, Matt had made a point of keeping his distance from her as frequently as possible.


EPISODE #2012-144

Feb 6, 2012     Part #1

Grant had to admit, despite everything that lead up to it, most crushingly the scene with Sarah earlier, he was, without a doubt, enjoying bringing Donna up to speed regarding Grant and Marley’s whirlwind nuptials.

“You’re…” Donna appeared unable to complete the sentence, swallowing hard as if struck by a sudden bout of nausea. Followed by aphasia. Followed by....

Feb 9, 2012     Part #2

“She is absolutely beautiful....

EPISODE #2012-143

Jan 30, 2012     Part #1

“You’re making a big deal out of nothing,” Jen protested as Steven all but marched her through the doors of Bay City University Hospital, and into the elevator.

“I know....

Feb 2, 2012     Part #2

“Thank you....

EPISODE #2012-142

Jan 23, 2011     Part #1

“Leave?” Carl managed to make the otherwise neutral word sound like the most terrifying possibility in all creation. “This house? The children? You?”

“Not for good,” Rachel reassured quickly, desperately. “Only for....

Jan 26, 2011     Part #2

“The pair of you certainly wasted no time moving on, now did you?” Felicia looked from Lucas to Alice as she noted, “At least Mrs. Harrison here waited until Spencer was neatly tucked away in his grave, albeit the body still warm. You, Luke, you haven’t even gotten a corpus to habeas, and yet here you two are, how cozy.”


EPISODE #2012-141

Jan 16, 2011     Part #1

“Because,” Sarah told Grant as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. “I....

Jan 19, 2011     Part #2


EPISODE #2012-140

Jan 9, 2011     Part #1

For a long, charged moment, Rachel and Jamie did nothing more than eye each other warily, both braced for a fight, neither one wanting it.


Jan 12, 2011     Part #2


EPISODE #2012-139

Jan 2, 2011     Part #1

“Is this the parent or guardian of Kirkland Frame? There’s been an accident….” The BCPD officer informed Grant without inflection, making it impossible to discern what precisely they were dealing with here.


Jan 5, 2011     Part #2

With one final, frigid look Felicia’s way, Lorna called, “Jamie! Wait!” Rushing down the drive and slipping into the passenger seat a split-second before he pulled out.

Jamie looked at her in surprise. “What about –

EPISODE #2011-138

Dec 26, 2011     Part #1

“No plans for New Year’s Eve, my dear?” Carl asked Lila after Jasmine, Elizabeth and Cory had cleared the dinner table, and only the adults were left.

“Carl’s tone, and the look he exchanged....

Dec 29, 2011     Part #2

“So much for warm and tropical....

EPISODE #2011-137

Dec 19, 2011     Part #1

Christmas in Bay City 2011….

“Are you and Victoria taking annual turns....

Dec 22, 2011     Part #2

“Matthew!” Rachel exclaimed in delighted surprise when she opened the front door Christmas morning to find her middle son standing there. “You came,” she said softly, as if afraid anything louder would break the spell.

“I came to get Jasmine....

EPISODE #2011-136

Dec 12, 2011     Part #1

“Zeno!” Frankie called out in alarm as she stepped out of the car and, gesturing for Charlie and Lori Ann to keep back (not that they listened), ran towards the field directly adjacent to the farmhouse, where Zeno currently stood, fending off a dozen or so men and women holding up signs – with a presumably loaded shotgun aimed straight at the center of their demonstration.

“Too late....

Dec 15, 2011     Part #2

“I beg your pardon....

EPISODE #2011-135

Dec 5, 2011     Part #1

“Morning,” Kevin opened the door to his office at nine AM sharp, surprised to find Lorna standing on the other side, shaking her wet umbrella dry, and looking like she might have been camped out since midnight prior to knocking.

“I need the unvarnished truth....

Dec 8, 2011     Part #2

“What are you doing in here....

EPISODE #2011-134

Nov 28, 2011     Part #1

“My granddaughter is being baptized today.” Rachel informed Carl without looking up from the clay she’d spent the past few hours since dawn futilely attempting to beat into something vaguely recognizable.

“It grieves me to observe you so distraught....

Dec 1, 2011     Part #2

“Go to Hell, Donna,” Lorna ordered, turning her back on the woman, heading back to Jamie and Devon… when the look on her husband’s face, not to mention Morgan and Felicia’s, forced Lorna to waver just a little. “What....

EPISODE #2011-133

Nov 21, 2011     Part #1

“Don’t get too comfortable....

Nov 25, 2011     Part #2

“A squash?” Cass double-checked with Frankie. “We’re carving a squash instead of a turkey?”

“It’s a tradition around here....

EPISODE #2011-132

Nov 14, 2011     Part #1

“So is Mr. Moneybags, here, footing the bill for today?” Steven asked jokingly as he, Jamie and Kirkland stepped onto the racquetball court.

“What’s that supposed to mean....

Nov 18, 2011     Part #2

“Yes?” Alice asked politely, having come down the stairs to find – as notified; except that she felt sure she must have heard wrong – Carl Hutchins standing in her foyer.

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Harrison....

EPISODE #2011-131

Nov 7, 2011     Part #1

“What’s this?” Matt grunted....

Nov 11, 2011     Part #2

“How did you manage to get yourself put in charge of my father’s will....

EPISODE #2011-130

Oct 31, 2011     Part #1

“Is there something you would like to say to me, son?”

Cory remained stubbornly....

Nov 3, 2011     Part #2


EPISODE #2011-129

Oct 24, 2011     Part #1

“I’m going to Mr. Harrison’s funeral,” Cory stood by the door, wearing his suit, his tie, and his most determined expression.


Oct 27, 2011     Part #2

“What’s all this for?” Cass purred upon being woken up by Frankie nuzzling the back of his neck and playfully rolling a sleepy Cass over to curl up against her.


EPISODE #2011-128

Oct 17, 2011     Part #1

“You are taking this very well....

Oct 20, 2011     Part #2

“Huh,” was all Charlie said after Frankie got through explaining exactly who Zeno was, complete with key details about reincarnation and souls being connected throughout eternity, the only part during which Charlie, Zeno and even Cass all managed to roll their eyes simultaneously.

“I know....

EPISODE #2011-127

Oct 10, 2011     Part #1


Oct 13, 2011     Part #2

“Ms. Cory – I mean, Mrs… Fowler?” GQ stammered at the sight of Amanda standing outside his apartment door at close to midnight, looking for all the world like this was not a casual social call.

“May I come in, GQ?”


EPISODE #2011-126

Oct 3, 2011     Part #1

“What did you just say?” Cass couldn’t quite bring himself to repeat Zeno’s claim yet. All he did manage to do was sneak a quick peek at Felicia to make sure he’d just heard what he thought he’d heard. Judging by the shocked look on her face, indeed Cass had.

“You know her as....

Oct 6, 2011     Part #2

“Welcome home,” Frankie threw herself into Cass’ arms the minute he walked through the door, kissing him as she professed, “I was starting to get worried. You weren’t answering your phone, and....

EPISODE #2011-125

Sept 26, 2011     Part #1

“Are you two out of your minds?” Grant took one look at the barely conscious Spencer and turned on Alice and Jamie with a vengeance. “What kind of doctors are you? Why isn’t he in a hospital? What have you been doing....

Sept 29, 2011     Part #2

“Hey,” Kirkland said, meeting Grant outside Spencer’s door, having agreed as soon as Jamie proposed it to drive over and see his grandfather immediately. Now Jamie stood quietly behind his son, letting Kirk take the lead. “How – how is he?”

Though the door remained closed – Alice was in with Spencer now – Grant couldn’t help instinctively looking over his shoulder before sighing and answering honestly, “He’s....

EPISODE #2011-124

Sept 19, 2011     Part #1

"What should we do?" Cory repeated his sister's inane question to their father, more frustrated than mocking. “We should call for emergency assistance, that’s what we should do. Someone may be hurt.”

"And I told you....

Sept 22, 2011     Part #2

“Would you put your mother in peril, son? Your sister? Me?....

EPISODE #2011-123

Sept 12, 2011     Part #1

“Are you kidding me?” Morgan...

Sept 15, 2011     Part #2

“Zeno Tantalus,” Felicia repeated the unusual name, rolling it languidly around on her tongue. “You think this Zeno Tantalus is the key to Frankie’s missing years?”

EPISODE #2011-122

Sept 5, 2011     Part #1

Spencer was right. The spot they’d been ordered to for the exchange was optimal for those holding Kirkland.

Jamie and Grant pulled their cars....

Sept 8, 2011     Part #2

Alice said, “When Spencer left the house this morning, he didn’t take his wallet or his passport. At first, I thought he’d decided to go on the run under another name. ”

“Spencer would never....

EPISODE #2011-121

Aug 29, 2011     Part #1

“Who has Kirkland....

Sept 1, 2011     Part #2

“Try to get some sleep, Jamie, please....

EPISODE #2011-120

Aug 22, 2011     Part #1

“Okay,” Kirkland said, having driven out to meet Charlie where she said, in the bleachers of Bay City Latin’s currently deserted and dark football field, making sure they couldn’t be overheard or spied on. “I’m here.”


Aug 25, 2011     Part #2

“I know Jamie told you what went down between me and Kirkland,” Charlie filled in a stunned Cass and Frankie. “I just got back from seeing Kirk, he gave me the 411.”

“And everything is....

EPISODE #2011-119

Aug 15, 2011     Part #1

John looked from Allie, Donna, Sharlene, Steven, Sarah, Jen, GQ and Alice standing in a semi-circle around his son’s grave, then down at the grave itself. Gregory John Hudson 1991-2010. Sleep on now, and take your rest. Matthew 26:45.

He cleared his throat....

Aug 18, 2011     Part #2

“I’m so glad you were able to find the time to see me,” Rachel thanked Jeanne, having shown up at Matt’s fiancée’s office without warning.

“Well, I....

EPISODE #2011-118

Aug 8, 2011     Part #1

"So what do you think she meant by that?" Grant asked Lila, "Saying I was the most awesome person she knew?"

"Ain't it bad enough....

Aug 11, 2011     Part #2

"Hard to believe it's been a year since he died," Donna told John, dropping by the house to wish him luck on the day ahead.

John nodded....

EPISODE #2011-117

Aug 1, 2011     Part #1

"You're forbidding me, Mary Frances?"


Aug 4, 2011     Part #2

"Am I interrupting?" Sarah asked Grant, looking over his shoulder and into the house, as if she expected to catch him in the middle of something much more important.


EPISODE #2011-116

July 25, 2011     Part #1

"It was a complicated, bold, yet ultimately, unsuccessful plan, conceived and heartlessly implemented by none other than Bay City's own... Spencer Harrison," Jeanne informed her viewers.

Watching at home, Lucas breathed a sigh of relief, while....

July 28, 2011     Part #2

"Jazz around?" Matt asked Lila after tracking his ex-wife down to the Cory gym, but failing to find his daughter anywhere on the premises.

Lila shook her head, huffing and puffing in between power walks on the treadmill, "Sarah came to....

EPISODE #2011-115

July 18, 2011     Part #1

"You're looking well, Marley," Morgan drawled, walking slowly around her as if truly and professionally assessing the situation. "Beating an attempted murder rap....

July 21, 2011     Part #2

"So how was tea and crumpets with Winthrop and Wife?" Grant asked Lila after she'd stopped by his home to make sure — in Lila's words — that Grant hadn't slipped back into any bad habits.


EPISODE #2011-114

July 11, 2011     Part #1

"Check up done already?" Jamie looked up in surprise at the sight of Lorna standing in his office doorway, holding a sleeping Devon against her shoulder, a good hour earlier than Jamie might have expected them.

"We actually haven't exactly....

July 14, 2011     Part #2

"Why all the cloak and dagger, Sugar?" Lila asked Charlie once her former stepdaughter had slipped into the passenger seat of Lila's car, looking nervously over her shoulder as if she expected to be watched.

"I wanted....

EPISODE #2011-113

July 4, 2011     Part #1

"What are you doing here?" Donna strode into John's office at BCH without benefit of knocking or even a perfunctory greeting.

"It's a hospital....

July 7, 2011     Part #2

"I need your help," Felicia said to Cass, looping her arm through his and taking him for a turn around the Cory pool.

"Done," Cass answered....

EPISODE #2011-112

June 27, 2011     Part #1

"You look tired," Grant observed to Kirkland, Sarah having silently backed out of the living room and into the adjacent study, softly closing the door behind her.

"Yeah, you look like crap....

June 30, 2011     Part #2

"Two days old," Lorna looked down at Devon, making sure not to squeeze too tightly this time, no matter how badly she may have wanted to. "And you've already heard how your mom can pick a fight."

"Devon had....

EPISODE #2011-111

June 20, 2011     Part #1

"So," Matt couldn't help asking as he buttoned up his shirt. "Now that we have a basis for comparison, which would you say you prefer: KBAY Screening Room or news van?"

Slipping back into her own dress....

June 23, 2011     Part #2

"You... and Kevin?" Morgan repeated, certain he couldn't possibly have understood her meaning.

"Got married....

EPISODE #2011-110

June 13, 2011     Part #1

"Senator Harrison!" A surprised Sarah exclaimed as she approached Clareview Sanitarium's main entrance with Michele and Bridget in tow, both girls studying Grant warily, unsure of where precisely he fit in among the adults who'd recently been whipping in and out of their lives at disturbing speed. "What are you doing here?"

"Just because I backed off on taking Bridget and Michele to see Marley myself doesn't mean I can't pop up here independently, does it?" Grant offered....

June 16, 2011     Part #2

"What is that smell?" Rachel winced as she entered the kitchen, waving a hand back and forth in front of her face.

From near the microwave, Allie gasped, breaking....

EPISODE #2011-109

June 6, 2011     Part #1

"Alright," Rachel told Carl calmly. "I've had a chance to sleep on it, and I am ready now to hear everything."

"I'm sorry, my dear, I'm afraid....

June 9, 2011     Part #2

"Got a minute?"....

EPISODE #2011-108

May 30, 2011     Part #1

"You'd give up Kirkland?" Jamie spoke slowly, hearing the words as they came out of his mouth, but convinced he couldn't possibly have understood correctly.

"Yes," Grant said firmly, refusing to offer....

June 2, 2011     Part #2

Jamie knocked briskly on the door to Kirkland's room in the Cory house, waiting until he'd received a sleepy, "What?....

EPISODE #2011-97

Mar 14, 2011     Part #1

With Lorna in the passenger seat, Jamie pulled his car into the driveway of their house. He cut the engine and was already halfway turning to open the door so he could climb out and help Lorna do the same, when his cell-phone's chirp, indicating an incoming text, stopped him.

Jamie checked the message, hesitating....

Mar 17, 2011     Part #2

EPISODE #2011-96

Mar 7, 2011     Part #1

"The next time I'm in an accident," an exhausted Frankie leaned back in her chair after several hours of scouring the photos, records and data Cass downloaded onto his Flash drive from the auto body shop's computer. "I want these guys working on my car. They didn't leave so much as a stray hair."

"Nope," Cass agreed, rubbing his eyes with the palms of both hands. "This is one case you and I aren't going to crack simply by following up on leads the BCPD missed."

Mar 10, 2011     Part #2

"I think this is absolutely wonderful," Donna trilled to a somewhat befuddled Matt and Jeanne. "The two of you are perfectly suited to each other. I'm just amazed it took you both so long to realize it!"

"You're... okay with this?" Matt double-checked.

EPISODE #2011-95

Feb 28, 2011     Part #1

Not needing Jamie to confirm, Lorna painfully shifted in the bed, craning her neck to hiss at Morgan, "Why the hell did you have to tell him?"

Morgan stepped forward tentatively....

Mar 3, 2011     Part #2

Ignoring both Felicia and Jamie's attempts to silence him, Lucas sternly advised Lorna, "I have a strong feeling Jamie didn't tell you everything that went on here over the past few months."

"I told her everything....

EPISODE #2011-94

Feb 21, 2011     Part #1

"What's this?" Alice wondered as she descended the stairs into the dining area to find a table set with freshly cut roses, sparkling crystal, gleaming china, crisp linen, and a baked crepe and red caviar breakfast waiting for her.

"You had to work Valentine's Day....

Feb 24, 2011     Part #2

"On April 29, 2010, Ms. Fowler, did you, as the biological mother, sign papers giving up parental rights to the newborn now known as Hudson Lewis Bauer?" Mel asked Allie, reminding her that she was in a court of law and under oath.

"Yes," Allie said, nodding her head for good measure.

EPISODE #2011-93

Feb 14, 2011     Part #1

"Nice monkey suit," Cass smirked at Matt when they encountered each other at the Annual Bay City Latin School Father/Daughter Valentine's Day Dance.

"Same to you....

Feb 17, 2011     Part #2

"The pet store is down at the other end of the mall," Lila huffed at Grant when he fell into step next to her. "So you can take that hangdog expression and go find yourself a nice big ol' doghouse to sulk in."

"Could I hire you as my decorator?" Grant tried with a hopeful grin.

EPISODE #2011-92

Feb 7, 2011     Part #1

"You were right," Grant told his father. "Carl wants this war. He's just using Lorna's accident as an excuse."

"You talked to Carl....

Feb 10, 2011     Part #2

"I want the truth," Felicia fired at Cass before he'd even crossed the threshold of her home. "Did you know Lucas was alive months before he finally came to me?"


EPISODE #2011-91

Jan 31, 2011     Part #1

"Did you know that Donna has proclaimed herself your Guardian Angel?"....

Feb 3, 2011     Part #2

"Am I going to require a drink for this conversation?"....

EPISODE #2011-90

Jan 24, 2011     Part #1

Lucas and Felicia left the courtroom on the heels of the rest, ignoring the curious looks shot their way, moving stiffly, unable to meet each other's eyes until they were out of the hallway, squirreled away in a quiet corner. And, even then, there was so much to be said that neither could somehow summon up the strength to begin.

Finally, Felicia stammered out, "Three years, Luke..."

Jan 27, 2011     Part #2

"How could you?" Felicia tried to keep it together following Lucas' confession of having inadvertently isolated Lorna from her mother and sister by forcing Lorna to keep the secret of his being alive. "How could you do that to her? To us?"

"I was selfish....

EPISODE #2011-89

Jan 17, 2011     Part #1

"Hey," Morgan said softly, pulling a chair up to the side of Lorna's bed and straddling it backwards, resting his chin on his wrists. "Sorry I haven't been by to see you for a couple of days. It's been....

Jan 20, 2011     Part #2

"Whatever you're selling," Sharlene refused to open the farmhouse door all the way and let Donna in. "We don't want any."

"Please ....

EPISODE #2011-88

Jan 10, 2011     Part #1

"Is it true," Kirkland wanted to know. "That sometimes people in a coma can hear what's going on around them?"

"It's a theory," Jamie admitted. "A little hard to prove....

Jan 13, 2011     Part #2

"Objection, Your Honor!" This time, Stacey didn't settle merely for rising out of her chair. Instead, she....

EPISODE #2011-87

Jan 3, 2011     Part #1

"Well, since you put it that way, Chief Burrell," Donna looked over her shoulder, "Jeanne, would you be so kind as to run off a copy of the Harrison election tape for — "

"We'd prefer the original, Ms. Love."

Jan 6, 2011     Part #2

EPISODE #2010-86

Dec 27, 2010     Part #1

"C-Cass?" A part of Frankie sincerely believed that merely saying his name would somehow prompt the apparition before her to disappear in a puff of smoke.

She said it anyway.

Dec 30, 2010     Part #2

"I told you, Donna, I'm fine. Leave me alone," Marley stubbornly shoved away her mother's ministrations, despite Donna having walked in on Marley, moist-eyed and raw-nosed, in the Bay City University Hospital Ladies' Room.

"I will not....

EPISODE #2010-85

Dec 20, 2010     Part #1

"Victoria..." Donna exhaled in wonder. And a great deal of fear. "How..."

Dec 23, 2010     Part #2

"Merry Christmas, Mom!" Charlie, with a squealing Lori Ann perched on her hip, the baby dressed in a red and green plaid party dress with matching hair ribbon, greeted Frankie, still in her bathrobe and more than a little bit groggy, as she descended the stairs. "Surprise!"

Charlie stepped aside to reveal....

EPISODE #2010-84

Dec 13, 2010     Part #1

"Wait." Jamie thrust out his arm to stop Abel, shoving aside the marriage license he'd been holding so that it fluttered back into Morgan's hands. "Just wait one second. Before....

Dec 16, 2010     Part #2

Sharlene said, "If I had any answers for you, Frankie, don't you think I'd have used some of that good advice on myself, by now?"


EPISODE #2010-83

Dec 6, 2010     Part #1

"The baby isn't yours," Morgan said. "It's mine."

Jamie raised his fist....

Dec 9, 2010     Part #2

"You and Lorna have been married for six years..." Felicia could only repeat in numb shock as she snuck her umpteenth peak at the marriage license Morgan held in his lap, before turning back towards the road.


EPISODE #2010-82

Nov 29, 2010     Part #1

"Too late," Charlie snapped....

Dec 2, 2010     Part #2

"Cass?" Frankie stared at her uncharacteristically silent husband through the prison glass. "Did you hear what I said?"


EPISODE #2010-81

Nov 22, 2010     Part #1

"Damaged?" Grant repeated with a deliberate combination of surprise and innocence for Lila's benefit. "One of the rental cars? How? Who....

Nov 25, 2010     Part #2

"What?" Felicia gasped, eyes blinking rapidly up at Morgan. "You and Lorna? When? Where? Why didn't either of you tell me?"

"Years ago....

EPISODE #2010-80

Nov 15, 2010     Part #1

"I want to fight this," Alice finally said, following a pause that felt interminable to both Spencer and Kevin. "But, I do not want it to be at the expense of Jen, Steven and the rest. If my defending myself makes it more difficult for them, I won't do it."

"It's not a question of ....

Nov 18, 2010     Part #2

"Congratulations," Grant magnanimously stretched forward his hand to shake Chase's. "I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job as our new mayor."

"Thank you," Chase ushered Grant and a jittery Sarah into his office. "I must say....

EPISODE #2010-79

Nov 8, 2010     Part #1

"Think this'll be like with the president in 2000?" Kirkland kept asking anyone within earshot, his eyes darting from one 60-inch flat screen television to the next, despite the fact that every local station was reporting Grant and Chase Hamilton in a dead heat.

"Still too early to tell,"....

Nov 11, 2010     Part #2

"I never really thought about what would happen when it was all over,"....

EPISODE #2010-78

Nov 1, 2010     Part #1

"This is preposterous,"....

Nov 4, 2010     Part #2

Waking up first, Sarah curled up against Steven's back, sleepily reaching her arm around, stroking his chest and moving her hand downward, only to have a suddenly alert Steven recoil from her touch and spring out of bed.

"What's the matter?"....

EPISODE #2010-77

Oct 25, 2010     Part #1

"So, I'll see you at the wedding, then?" Amanda flashed a brilliant smile Lila's way as they crossed in the second floor Cory hall the morning of Alice and Spencer's nuptials. "You are going with Kevin, right? Him being your man, and all?"

"Actually," Lila's smile was no less brilliant....

Oct 28, 2010     Part #2

Among the over 150 people in attendance at Spencer and Alice's wedding, were both her siblings, Russ and Pat, assorted....

EPISODE #2010-76

Oct 18, 2010     Part #1

Donna's stomach lurched at the sight of Spencer, Lucas and Carl waiting for her in the shadows outside of John's house. So naturally, she did the only thing one could under the circumstances....

Oct 21, 2010     Part #2

"Fine," Marley held out her hand, gritting her teeth and hating herself as she did so. "I'll take your money. But, only for GQ's sake."

"And Perry's," he prompted....

EPISODE #2010-75

Oct 11, 2010     Part #1

"Smile, Donna," Marley instructed her mother, sliding a linen napkin over her skirt and picking up a TOPS menu. "The public is watching, and we wouldn't want them to get the wrong idea now, would we?"

"Perhaps if I'd been given....

Oct 14, 2010     Part #2

"May I presume that all went well with Kirkland earlier?" Donna asked Grant once he'd finally arrived to join her and Marley at Tops.

"Other than the fact....

EPISODE #2010-74

Oct 4, 2010     Part #1

"He isn't home, Jamie," Lorna indicated the rental car they'd parked down the street from the run-down Bakersfield bungalow with Frame scribbled in pencil over the mail-slot. "Let's just go back. I told you last night; this is pointless."

"He's here." Jamie pointed to the nearest window. "I saw the shades shut as soon as we started up the walk."

Oct 7, 2010     Part #2

"Please," GQ reached out to lightly nudge the Bauers' front door open an inch further. "I just want to see Hudson, and to talk to you and Dr. Bauer. I don't blame you for anything that's happened. I know it was all Allie's doing. You're just as much... I'm not here to... Honestly, I don't know what I'm going to do yet. I just want to see... my son."

Mindy hesitated. But she was no longer blocking the entrance. "Rick's at work," she said. "I — Come in. I'm sorry. I just wasn't sure how..."

EPISODE #2010-73

Sept 27, 2010     Part #1

"Because Gregory wasn't Hudson's real father," Allie said, and although, a second earlier it had seemed as if all the assembled mourners waiting for their cars on the sidewalk were busily engaged in their own individual conversations, as soon as the words were out of Allie's mouth, it were as if an off switch had been flipped, and she made her confession into total silence.

Sept 30, 2010     Part #2

"You can turn around now," Lorna instructed Jamie as he stood on the balcony of their San Diego hotel suite, already wearing his own tuxedo for the evening ahead, but under strict orders not to peek until Lorna pronounced herself officially ready.


EPISODE #2010-72

Sept 20, 2010     Part #1

"I don't mean to rush you," Donna hovered outside John's ajar bedroom door, reluctant to intrude as he sat on the bed, staring into space as though utterly lost regarding what he should be doing next. "But....

Sept 23, 2010     Part #2

"My condolences to you, Dr. Hudson," Carl stretched forth a hand to shake John's, who took it perfunctorily, the same way he'd accepted every other generic commiseration as he sat beside Sharlene on either side of their son's casket. "I regret to say....

EPISODE #2010-71

Sept 13, 2010     Part #1

"Save your breath, Donna," Marley informed her mother coldly. "It doesn't matter what your arrangement might be, I know I don't want it."

"Did you or did you not....

Sept 16, 2010     Part #2

"Are the two of you done huffing and puffing and threatening to blow my house down?"....

EPISODE #2010-70

Sept 6, 2010     Part #1

"Sarah?" Marley pulled into the parking lot adjacent to Bay City U's dormitories, and softly tapped the slumbering girl on the shoulder. "We're here."

"Oh, wow," Sarah laughed self-consciously, stirring from her repose in the passenger seat of Marley's car. "Sorry for....

Sept 9, 2010     Part #2

"Why won't Allie let me help her?"....

EPISODE #2010-69

Aug 30, 2010     Part #1

"Come on, Amanda." Kevin held out his hand to her. "Let me take you home. There's nothing more either of us can do here tonight."

She was sitting on a metal chair in the police station's waiting area, furiously texting back and forth with....

Sept 2, 2010     Part #2

"Let the record show,"....

EPISODE #2010-68

Aug 23, 2010     Part #1

"Mr. Harrison..."

Chase Hamilton did not stand up when Grant entered his office. It was an old power-play gambit Grant was familiar with. As was Grant's response ....

Aug 26, 2010     Part #2

"What happened in there?" Amanda leapt on Kevin the moment he stepped out of the interrogation room with the kids and Hamilton. Jamie may have been less forward, but he was just as curious.

Kevin beckoned them both over into a corner....

EPISODE #2010-67

Aug 16, 2010     Part #1

Sarah glanced briefly from GQ as he was urging the rest of them to hightail it out of there, over to Allie, planted stubbornly on the bed, arms crossed, quietly but intractably insisting that she wasn't going to abandon Gregory, not even now, she'd given him her word — and made up her mind on the spot.


Aug 19, 2010     Part #2

The Bay City Police officer on the other end of the phone was still waiting patiently for John's answer. Sharlene was still behind him, hammering on John's back with her fists now, demanding that he tell her everything.

John turned around..."

EPISODE #2010-66

Aug 9, 2010     Part #1

"I didn't mean to upset you with what I said," Lucas came up quietly behind Felicia, who'd been sitting for the past several hours, staring blankly out the window, not moving, not speaking.

"And I never mean to ....

Aug 12, 2010     Part #2

The last time Gregory managed to open his eyes, he smiled when he saw that Allie was still there, as promised, lying next to him on the bed, stroking his arm so that he could feel her even while barely conscious.

He looked at her silently for a long moment, and then he told her, "Today..."

EPISODE #2010-65

Aug 2, 2010     Part #1

"I'll scream," Donna warned Carl as they stood outside the Hudson house, his hand clamped firmly over her wrist. "John is right inside, he'll— "

"Scream, then." Carl suggested....

Aug 5, 2010     Part #2

Grant said, "If you don't want me running for Mayor, just say the word. As much as I've come to realize I want back in that game, as much as I'd like to leave some kind of legacy that Kirkland can be proud of, I won't sacrifice the people I love to do it. Not this time."

"Wow. I didn't realize that hope and change had....

EPISODE #2010-64

July 26, 2010     Part #1

"Lorna wants to take Lori Ann away from me?" Frankie struggled over the words as if each were a block with sharp corners that didn't quite fit the contours of her mouth.

"She has this ridiculous notion that....

July 29, 2010     Part #2

"See what happens when we skip the rib joint for something more swanky," Lila lectured Grant the morning after their less than successful double-date dinner out. "You nearly drown drooling over Amanda's humping your leg — "

"I didn't...

EPISODE #2010-63

July 19, 2010     Part #1

"I'll take care of Donna," Carl swore to Felicia over the phone. And then, after a pause, almost solicitously, he asked, "What did she say to you?"

"She never....

July 22, 2010     Part #2

Felicia looked at her daughter oddly. "Lori Ann already has a father. Two of them, as a matter of fact. Dean and Cass."

"One of whom hasn't seen her since....

EPISODE #2010-62

July 12, 2010     Part #1

Frankie wasn't precisely sure what she expected the 4th of July at Bay City's maximum-security prison to be like. All she knew was she wasn't prepared for how simultaneously normal and bizarre it turned out to be.

On the one hand, there was the green lawn, the families with picnic baskets, the flags, the balloons, the music. On the other hand....

July 15, 2010     Part #2

"I thought we were past all of this," Grant thundered, his outrage rising to new levels, or, at the very least, decibels.

"Past what?" Marley disappeared....

EPISODE #2010-61

July 5, 2010     Part #1

"So it really doesn't bother you?" Amanda followed Jamie around as he set up a series of folding beach chairs adjacent the Cory pool in preparation for their 4th of July celebration.

"I married twin sisters. It would be a bit....

July 8, 2010     Part #2

"We don't know anything about where Allie and Gregory might be," Sarah repeated to Jamie, though a little less emphatic now that he'd explained to her and Steven just what sort of legal and medical trouble the two might be facing.

"What about you?"....

EPISODE #2010-60

June 28, 2010     Part #1

"How long?" Charlie asked Frankie the moment her mother stepped through the front door.

Frankie hesitated, unsure....

July 1, 2010     Part #2

"What are you doing here, sweetie?" Despite having come over expressly to speak with Felicia, the moment Lorna caught sight of Lori Ann sitting on the floor in the middle of ....

EPISODE #2010-59

June 21, 2010     Part #1

This time around, Lorna made sure to call and double-check for herself exactly what time Cass' allocution — and Lucas' release — were scheduled for.

She arrived a half-hour late deliberately....

June 24, 2010     Part #2

"It's a committee!" Gregory exclaimed, not sure whether to be touched or horrified when Allie lead the entire group into his hospital room and calmly explained that not just Sarah and Steven, but GQ and Jen, too, would be helping....

EPISODE #2010-58

June 14, 2010     Part #1

"I am really getting sick of you people," Chase Hamilton looked over Cass' head to also address....

June 17, 2010     Part #2

"No," Carl told Rachel.

"Why not?" She shot back. "You wanted revenge so badly you were willing to break your word to me. Now I'm giving you permission, I am asking you....

EPISODE #2010-57

June 7, 2010     Part #1

Cass admitted to Felicia, "I thought you'd be furious with me. Lucas is sitting in jail right now because of something I did."

"Lucas is sitting in jail because....

June 10, 2010     Part #2

Felicia didn't call Cass as promised until the next morning, and, once she did, her tone was surprisingly....

EPISODE #2010-56

May 31, 2010     Part #1

"So exactly how long are you and the boys planning to be partying in Cooperstown?" Lorna perched on the lid of Jamie's suitcase as it sat atop the bed, ostensibly helping him to close it, then somehow forgetting to move from the comfortable spot between his arms....

June 3, 2010     Part #2

"You said you would do anything you had to," Frankie reminded Cass, "To make sure you'd never lose me again."

"I know what I said." He snarled, "And I don't appreciate....

EPISODE #2010-55

May 24, 2010     Part #1

"You're not helping," Jamie told Lorna mock-sternly as he struggled to fit his key into the guesthouse lock.


May 27, 2010     Part #2

"The girls were on their best behavior, " Felicia reported to Frankie and Cass as soon as they arrived home. "Charlie must have watched ....

EPISODE #2010-54

May 17, 2010     Part #1

"Is it cool for you to have girls in your room," Lorna joked as Jamie unlocked the door to his balcony. "Or will you get in trouble with your Mommy?"

"I'll risk it." He pulled her inside with a quick glance down the three-story, seemingly smooth wall. "How the hell did you get up here?"

May 20, 2010     Part #2

Cass sent Felicia on ahead to the church so she could help Frankie get everything ready for Lori Ann's christening, promising to catch up as soon as he crossed all the T's and dotted the I's of Lucas' paperwork.

By the time he arrived ....

EPISODE #2010-53

May 10, 2010     Part #1

"Don't. Please, Dad, don't," Lorna begged Lucas. But whether he couldn't hear her plea over the general din of the courtroom, or had simply chosen to ignore it, either way, Lucas ....

May 13, 2010     Part #2

With the tornado that was Jamie's jubilant family finally gone, that left only Felicia and Lorna still holding vigil inside the police station's waiting area.

"It's been hours," Felicia lamented. "We know ....

EPISODE #2010-52

May 3, 2010     Part #1

Mike Bauer was long out the door, but Cass and Frankie's argument continued, sotto voice, so as not to wake up either Charlie or Lori Ann.

"Jamie doesn't deserve your loyalty," Cass insisted. "The first thing he did after...

May 6, 2010     Part #2

"I suppose I should get used to this," Jamie sounded like he was trying to convince himself along with Alice as they sat across the table in the prison's visiting area. "Something happening...

EPISODE #2010-51

April 26, 2010     Part #1

Without a word, barely looking at each other, really, Lorna and Lucas walked out of the courthouse and into the park across the street. They both instinctively...

April 29, 2010     Part #2

Felicia picked up her phone. The voice on the other end sighed and said, "I'm afraid I could really use a drink, right now."

She promised Spencer...

EPISODE #2010-50

April 19, 2010     Part #1

Cass shifted his gaze slowly from the laptop to Frankie and asked, "Are you accusing me of something, Mary Frances?"

"No," she said quickly. Too quickly....

April 22, 2010     Part #2

Lucas asked Jamie, "Are you going to tell the police about my involvement with Cecile's death?"

"You said it yourself, I don't have any proof. Carl would never...

EPISODE #2010-49

April 12, 2010     Part #1

"Not now, Lorna," Carl hissed upon spying her visage over the black and white security monitor.

On any other occasion, he'd be delighted to have his former protegee drop by for a visit to Carl Hutchins' secluded home away from home. It had been much too long. He believed....

April 15, 2010     Part #2

"What got Matt running out of here in such a hurry?"

Donna looked up from where she was sitting on her bed to encounter ....

EPISODE #2010-48

April 5, 2010     Part #1

"I realize this is a most inopportune time," Carl began, prompting a mirthless laugh from Rachel.

"That's one way of putting it."

"But I'm afraid it's simply essential ....

April 8, 2010     Part #2

"Happy birthday, sweetheart!" Her father's voice over the phone brought Lorna up short, forcing her to face just how far she'd veered off course in the past 24 hours, from driving back to Bay City alone, to ....

EPISODE #2010-47

Mar 29, 2010     Part #1

Mike Bauer assessed Jamie, currently sitting across from him in a hotel-room chair, with a practiced eye. He waited for an explanation.

When none proved forthcoming, Mike decided to lead his witness a bit by prompting, "Have you suddenly realized yourself to be guilty?"

April 1, 2010     Part #2

"Here," Jamie all but flung in Kevin's face the document agreeing to Kirkland's moving in with Marley in exchange for Grant dropping his custody suit. "I'd recommend ...."

EPISODE #2010-46

Mar 22, 2010     Part #1

Marley wondered if she were dead.

Because all the alleged symptoms were there....

Mar 25, 2010     Part #2

Sleep when the baby sleeps.

It's what the parenting books told Frankie. It's what other moms told Frankie. It's what Cass told Frankie.

What no one told her....

EPISODE #2010-45

Mar 15, 2010     Part #1

"What do you think?" Grant proudly showed Kirkland around his new room, complete with loft bed, state-of-the-art home entertainment center, extreme sports silhouettes stenciled in black on the walls and a retro-style vending machine packed with enough soda and snacks to feed a small army ....

Mar 18, 2010     Part #2

The idea of her son being thought capable of murder was so ridiculous to Rachel that she was tempted to laugh, literally laugh; that's how absurd, how preposterous it sounded to her.

But one glimpse of Jamie's face when he was brought in for his bail hearing was enough to....

EPISODE #2010-44

Mar 8, 2010     Part #1

"She wasn't even acting like herself," Matt told Marley as they walked through the Love house, checking whether the contractors had made it livable enough for her and ....

Mar 11, 2010     Part #2

Grant glanced at the name that flashed through his cell phone's caller ID and blinked in surprise. "Burrell must be making good time."

He readied his eardrums for yet more threats from....

EPISODE #2010-43

Mar 1, 2010     Part #1

Chase Hamilton may not have actually licked his lips in anticipation at Detective Chiang's news. But that was about the only thing he didn't do, between the leaping...

Mar 4, 2010     Part #2

"Well, good," Kevin shook hands first with Allie and Gregory, then with Rick and Mindy. "I'm very, very glad this looks...

EPISODE #2010-42

Feb 22, 2010     Part #1

Donna looked from Marley to Matt to the third figure hovering in the background and, summoning as much dignity as possible ....

Feb 25, 2010     Part #2

Deciding that Amanda might feel less threatened if....

EPISODE #2010-41

Feb 15, 2010     Part #1

"Fanny?" Lucas took one look at Felicia's ashen face as she stumbled through the door, and broke out into a cold sweat. "Where have you been?" He looked down at her shoes. The rounded toes of Felicia's $1000 violet Gucci boots were both stained with....

Feb 18, 2010     Part #2

"So is this how it's going to be from now on?" Jamie mused. "You're just going to glare and give me the cold shoulder every time you see me?"

Lorna studied the ceiling with such incredible concentration one would have thought the meaning of life was inscribed upon it.

"And now....

EPISODE #2010-40

Feb 8, 2010     Part #1

"What the hell do you want?" Matt shot at a wary Jamie from the doorway of Donna's house.

"Hello to you, too,"....

Feb 11, 2010     Part #2

"I can't believe our luck," Grant told Spencer over breakfast at the Harbor Club. "Jamie's ex-wife getting murdered right before the judge is set to make her decision about Kirkland. If that doesn't say — "

EPISODE #2010-39

Feb 1, 2010     Part #1

Carl looked Rachel in the eye and, voice steely, informed her, "I did not ....

Feb 4, 2010     Part #2

"Don't those reporters have anything better to do than to camp out in front of my house like vultures?"....

EPISODE #2010-38

Jan 25, 2010     Part #1

"The police are here to see you, Donna," Marley told her mother, looking as confused as Donna felt, in light of the startling request.

"Me?" Donna peered....

Jan 28, 2010     Part #2

Marley sat rigidly on her chair in the waiting area of the Bay City Police Station, eyes nervously darting around the bullpen in anticipation of....

EPISODE #2010-37

Jan 18, 2010     Part #1

Grant's first instinct upon finding Cecile's strangled body....

Jan 21, 2010     Part #2

"Here to welcome me to the neighborhood?"....

EPISODE #2010-36

Jan 11, 2010     Part #1

"Dude, she could have been our sister,"....

Jan 14, 2010     Part #2

"Congratulations." Jamie looked around Alice's new office at Bay City Hospital. "I guess this means you've decided....

EPISODE #2010-35

Jan 4, 2010     Part #1

Something is definitely not right...

Jan 7, 2010     Part #2

"I am so sorry, Alice." Jamie realized that a language hadn't yet been invented that would convey precisely how very sorry he was. "You are the last person I would....

EPISODE #2009-34

Dec 27, 2009     Part #1

"Luke," he repeated. Then admitted, "Nobody has called me Luke for a very long time."

Dec 31, 2009     Part #2

"Jamie told me everything," Marley informed Cecile coolly. She pulled out her...."

EPISODE #2009-33

Dec 21, 2009     Part #1

Jamie lifted his hand to reveal a small vial. He placed it on his desk with a firm thud....

Dec 24, 2009     Part #2

"Ready to concede?"...."

EPISODE #2009-32

Dec 14, 2009     Part #1

"You've been a bad boy ....

Dec 17, 2009     Part #2

""You want me to drug Frankie?" Jamie asked ...."

EPISODE #2009-31

Dec 7, 2009     Part #1

Judge Ellen Landregan was starting to get a headache, not to mention some nasty eyestrain, from watching ....

Dec 10, 2009     Part #2

"You..." Felicia looked from Cass to Frankie, overwhelmed. "You two would be willing to adopt Lori Ann..."

EPISODE #2009-30

Nov 30, 2009     Part #1

"That was cool," Cory told Rachel, Carl and the others as they returned home from their medically themed Thanksgiving.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it,"....

Dec 2, 2009        Part #2

"I brought you some turkey," Lorna offered Lucas a foil container. "Want me to pop it in the microwave?"

Her father's face suggested....

Nov 23, 2009     EPISODE #2009-29

Bay City Thanksgiving 1991....

Bay City Thanksgiving 2009....

"What's all this?"....

Nov 16, 2009     EPISODE #2009-28

Looking back, there had been faint warning bells going off in Lorna's head as soon as Jamie lifted her up and ....

Nov 9, 2009     EPISODE #2009-27

"Aren't you two cute," Cecile cooed at Frankie and Cass. "The Bonnie and Clyde of suburbia. As if either of you could so much as issue a convincing death threat, much less....

Nov 2, 2009     EPISODE #2009-26

"What the hell is this?" Jamie slapped away the sheet of paper Kevin was attempting to hand him.

Kevin didn't budge....

Oct 26, 2009     EPISODE #2009-25

Alice watched with mix of satisfaction and relief as Jamie finished his cup of coffee and placed it next to the empty plate on her table. It had been a bittersweet reunion....

Oct 19, 2009     EPISODE #2009-24

Carl told Rachel, "I went to see Jenna's child at the hospital, earlier."

"Did you?"....

Oct 12, 2009     EPISODE #2009-23

Cecile," Frankie said.

"Of course," Cass replied with a sigh. Because even though Tony the Tuna may have threatened him, Christy Carson may have poisoned him, and Rex Allingham once actually took over Cass' life for a period of months, the only person who ....

Oct 5, 2009     EPISODE #2009-22

Carl took a long moment to compose himself. And then an even longer moment to accept that he was doing so.

Finally, every muscle in his body stretched to the breaking point...

Sept 28, 2009     EPISODE #2009-21

Donna asked Rachel, "Are you going to let Carl come after me?"

"Carl made it very clear that he isn't .....

Sept 21, 2009     EPISODE #2009-20

Rachel said, "I don't see how making Donna's life miserable will ultimately do anybody any earthly good." "It will keep me entertained,".....

Sept 14, 2009     EPISODE #2009-19

Cass' body remained in the doorway to his home. His soul, however .....

Aug 31, 2009     EPISODE #2009-18

The noise didn't all die down immediately. First one machine slowly ground to a halt, then another let out a regretful last wheeze. The doctor with the defibrillator shuffled back. A nurse moved aside .....

Aug 24, 2009     EPISODE #2009-17

Dean may not have known the meaning of OR emergency medical terms like "vent setting pressure," "erythromycin" and "endo-tracheal," but "no heartbeat" .....

Aug 17, 2009     EPISODE #2009-16

"You're Jenna's mother," Matt repeated, theoretically comprehending the meaning of every word in the sentence, yet unable to make them fit together. "I don't understand."

Aug 10, 2009     EPISODE #2009-15

Dean told Jenna, "You aren't being fair."

He leaned over his wife's hospital bed and.....

Aug 3, 2009     EPISODE #2009-14

Walking swiftly, so as to get as far away from Cass' house as possible and avoid the risk of being overheard, Frankie hissed into her cell-phone .....

July 27, 2009     EPISODE #2009-13

After an hour of waiting and still getting no answer about Jenna's condition, Felicia looked ready to explode. She'd given up .....

July 20, 2009     EPISODE #2009-12

It wasn't until after he'd caught up to them that Dean Frame even realized he'd flagged down Carl and Rachel's car.

Dean was breathing heavily ....

July 13, 2009     EPISODE #2009-11

"Frankie?" Cass still clutched Lila's wrist. Charlie was standing just a few feet away, wiping the tears off her face with both hands. But Cass only had eyes for a single person. "Frankie?" .....

July 6, 2009     EPISODE #2009-10

It wasn't until the next morning, when the three of them were sitting on a plane bound for Chicago, jetting off to prove Lucas' true identity, that Rachel thought to ask him....

June 29, 2009     EPISODE #2009-9

"Lucas?" Rachel's identification turned into a question by the last syllable. 

Next to her, Carl had a different guess.  He snarled .... 

June 22, 2009     EPISODE #2009-8

The entire time that she was bullying Steven into getting her Carl's e-mail, the entire time that she was sifting through it note by note, searching for clues to his intentions, Rachel had never stopped to consider...

June 15, 2009     EPISODE #2009-7

"Did you get rid of them?" Matt asked Donna as soon as she returned to the bedroom after shooing Cass and Lila out the door.  

"Well .....

June 8, 2009     EPISODE #2009-6

Kirkland had spent twenty minutes cooling his heels in Jamie's office while simultaneously stoking the fire of his righteous indignation. He'd come intending ....

June 1, 2009     EPISODE #2009-5

"You've got a visitor," Allie followed Kirkland through the institutionally white doors of the Bay City University Computer Lab. As expected, Steven was on site....

May 26, 2009     EPISODE #2009-4


Prior to his return, Grant had hired a small army of private detectives to prepare dossiers on everyone he expected to deal with in Bay City. He'd also ....

May 18, 2009     EPISODE #2009-3

Amanda hesitated for only a moment. And then she informed Mr. Kevin Fowler, Esquire, that James Frame wasn't currently available. But, she added.....

May 11, 2009     EPISODE #2009-2

Jamie smiled. And took a broad step to the side. The better to let Donna see exactly who was heading down the dimly lit street and towards her front porch.

May 4, 2009     EPISODE #2009-1

Bay City, Illinois, Easter 2009

The man in the doorway had been presumed dead for exactly a decade.

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